ASC Exec Board IT Update

Michael Marcinkevicz
IT Mission
 Provide reliable & secure IT systems for the
business units of ASC,
 Increase operating efficiencies with new
technology and processes, and Partner to
In-Field Support & Projects
Titan Shops
 Maintenance and daily support of merchandise and text
sales including opening, closing and posting for point of
sale system, inventory, reporting for six locations:
 main store
 baseball trailer
 The Empori-Yum
 The Brief
 Irvine store
 Online:
 Addition of direct database access for textbook
management staff
 Reviewing how to develop additional capabilities to
automate labor intensive text entry tasks
 Install and maintain desktops and Point of Sale Registers,
event support for commencement, textbook buy-backs
In-Field Support & Projects
Food Service & Catering
 new Starbucks merchant and point of sale setup in Pollak Library
 Acquisitions of computer, phones, expediting orders, POS training, gift
card setups and changes, etc.
 Daily support of 19 registers, sales posting and pricing changes and
promotions, coordination with campus for TitanCard, networkig,
register screen setups, and website
 Catering Catertrax quoting/work order system (Jan ‘13, in-use Jul ‘13)
Enhanced information sharing, ordering capabilities, order tracking,
payment and credit card processing abilities for web-based
operation. Menu and Configurations completed and updated. Credit
card processing moved off-site to close audit finding
 Event support for commencement and concessions food sales point of
sale and credit processing
In-Field Support & Projects
Sponsored Programs
Grants Management module, Goals:
 Automatic charging based on per project setups by grant
 Using new job ledgers for grant categorizations
 New auto-indirect cost (IDC) calculations on a per project
per object code basis
 Unified reporting effort with Grants Pre-Award, and CSFPF
 Multiple group discussions and consultations
 Testing in job ledger, inception-to-date accumulators, and
In-Field Support & Projects
Finance & Administration
 Web Reporting reworked for Sponsored Programs & Campus Programs
 Payroll and HR continued setup and cleanup of data
 Various HR reporting configurations and periodic reports
Employee Online, Applicant Online, Workflow
• Documents Online (online receipt & “backup” images)
 Phase 2 Finance Reporting setup (Sep-Oct 2013) on reporting system including
report conversions
 Reporting Update from Orange County Sungard Users Group (Aug 14/15 (this
In-Field Support & Projects
Finance & Administration (cont’d)
 Benefits: Ability to reduce labor and generate cost savings and shorter
effort through process reengineering, automated workflows, document
archiving to reduce ongoing storage costs and labor associated with
frequent document searches
 Current software pain points mostly related to insufficient testing and
freeze periods to due audits
 The ASC teams diligently worked on over 140 issues to bring us to go-live
Upcoming Milestones 2013/14
 Oct ‘13 - New Cognos Reporting system, ASC TEST environment installation
 Aug ‘13 - Employee Online and Applicant Online launched
 Aug ‘13 - Final HR data purge process to assist in external reporting
 Aug ‘13 - Coordinating / collaborating with CSFPF in its use of Advance and
OneSolution to reduce redundant data entry labor
Aug ‘13 - Begin Document scanning and scanned documents drill-down so receipts
and forms are viewable
Sep ‘13 - upgrade Finance TEST to 11.11 (from 11.10) and complete testing
Dec ‘13 /Jan ’14 - Upgrade food service Point of Sale registers and new server
hardware for Dec install, final upgrade by early January
Oct ‘13 - begin Finance Phase 2 training on New Cognos reporting and automated
Oct ‘13 - with green light on test results, upgrade Finance production to new version
Jan ‘14 - Move HR docs into OneSolution for ease of use
Nov ‘13-May ‘14 - Bookstore system evaluations

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