Inland *It*s time to say goodbye*

“It’s time to say goodbye”
Mario Jade
Master in Corporate Communication
Lebanon - June 2013
Mario S. JADE
Keserwan, Jeita
Tel:+ 961 71 63 67 61
E-mail: [email protected]
Personal information
Name: Mario JADE
Date of birth: 26 June 1979
Nationality: Lebanese – PR Canadian
Place of birth: Keserwan, Jeita
6 years graphics / advertising and production
4 years production manager
6 years creative communications
Organized, leadership, teamwork, dynamic
- DES graphic and advertising (5 years – specialized in graphics)
- Great knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
- Excellent knowledge of graphic software: Adobe photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Quark express.
- Primary level in Flash and Action Script 3
- MAC and IBM platforms
Some figures: by images
Some figures: by images
Some figures: by images
Some figures: by images
Some figures: by images
Strategy and development
Strategy and development
Adeste fideles, laeti triumphantes…
No, it’s not Christmas time, but a similar signification of a precious moment
when the new tenor, Andrea Bocelli, started his career.
In Christmas 1994, he was invited to sing the Adeste Fideles in St Peters
before the Pope. No more courtrooms or requests in piano bars: this was the
start of a meteoric rise. Andrea Bocelli had found the stage. In fact the stage
had found Andrea Bocelli and would never leave him.
Andrea was called “the fourth tenor”, but in fact he is on top of all by the
extreme high number of selling albums, and the most sold one Romaza
released in 1997 reached more than 20 billions of copies all around the
Strategy and development
Andrea Bocelli has been fighting to aim his goals; he was born with poor
eyesight and then lost it by a sport accident.
That situation has not created a roadblock for him, but it was the most
essential motivator that led him to the peak.
He believed that, “you can only see properly with your heart. The essential is
invisible to the eye.” That famous quote for Antoine de St. Exupéry made of
Andrea the King of artists who has delivered to billions the transparency of
feelings and the pure emotions that a Human could create inside himself.
Communicating with billions has never stopped or decreased. Counter to that
fact, it expanded to reach the extreme limits and frontiers of the world.
Briefly, Andrea Bocelli touches the deep inside all of Humans and engraves
the Holy Touch between our heart and its passions.
Strategy and development
This was the main reason to choose Andrea Bocelli for this project. And
surely, no need to create an awareness or advertising campaign to advertise
Andrea Bocelli or increase his market sell and augment his benefits and
profits. But I have chosen this Hero to prove that communications is not
based only to aim the augmentation of profits but to attest the twist of
valorizing its mission and the Hero in question.
Communications is not limited to view, but it depends on the other 4 senses
as well. That’s why, the project will not be limited to a release of a new
album; it will develop the fable called Andrea Bocelli and all its “power.”
Strategy and development
The campaign is entitled “inland.”
The campaign will be using all tools of communication and will be developed
through all its channels.
Splitting them by sectors is how the campaign will be tracked accordingly to
the prior strategy described:
ATL (Above The Line)
Billboards, Unipols, Commercial TVC, Radio Spot, LED screens, Press ad,
TTL (Through The Line)
Website, Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn…), Malls
visibility, Smart Devices
BTL (Below The Line)
Albums covers, Posters, Flyers, Promotional Giveaways…
Strategy and development
As the world now is drowned in wars and many other destructive aspects, the
communication campaign of Andrea Bocelli is seeking to invite people to hold
the hand that is coming from above the reality of this world and to make
peace and live it.
Here so, you can see on the visual that appears on the Unipols, Billboards and
LED screens a personalized envelop containing the message of peace; the
message that reveals the “time to say goodbye” to war.
Moreover, the TVC will just be a spot of 7 seconds that plays a very specific
part of “it’s time to say goodbye” showing the tank going out in the dark.
Then the message, “Inland… It’s time to say goodbye,” on the envelope, will
close the screen.
Strategy and development
The Radio spot will play the same part of music with the below voice over
“Into me you've poured the light,
Places that I've never seen or experienced with you.
It's time to say goodbye.”
Sound effects that simulate the sound of an opened envelope will be added.
The print advertising will be addressed to the mass people but cascaded
accordingly to different segments, in magazines and dailies:
A – Youth, mass people: they will have their visual where you can see the
envelop addressed to them and the letter that shows a light shining from the
dark: it is their HOPE to acquire the greatest world. The selling line is “it’s
time to say goodbye!” And here the message focuses on forgetting “war”;
Youth should be welcoming peace.
B – Politicians / responsibles: they will receive in their targeted magazine
(TIME) the envelop with the title on it “it’s TIME to say goodbye” as well as
the message where they will find the people’s expressions.
Strategy and development
This new channel and platforms of communications are now more efficient
regarding the delivery of the concepts as they reach a very big partition of
people that are attracted and addicted to the electronics and social media.
Once landed on the website link, a pop up visual will appear on the screen
twisting the view of the surfer.
Social Media will be sharing, liking, and following the same envelop in which
the message will be relying on the same concept, but with an opportunity
where people can express their thoughts and points of view. It is an
interactive platform where dialogue has the right meaning.
While chilling out and shopping in the malls, people will find LED screens that
remind them of the main message, “it’s time to say goodbye.” The song will
be also playing all over the floors. Several oversized preliminary models will
be posted in the hallways. The envelops models are interactive boards where
you can buy your album from; but you have to interact with it by
drawing/writing a “peace” symbol before the CD comes out to you.
Strategy and development
The concept is already diffused and has overwhelmed all places. The BTL
materials will support this message by several and different applications.
Below are some examples:
The albums will be accompanied by the envelop and he message
The posters and flyers will be having the shape of the envelop on which the
details will be revealed
Giveaways will have the shape of the envelop, will be wrought to be put on
the desks, tables, in decorative vitrines, etc… to create the impact.
Finally, the campaign will be closed by a concert “INLAND” where Andréa
Bocelli will face all people and interact with them lively.
Strategy and development
Yes! It is how we start to create and express Our Opinion towards what is
happening around us.
Since we have the opportunity to do it, let’s not get back and lose the chance.
Inland: the campaign
Inland: the campaign
ATL 1/4
Unipol in situ
Inland: the campaign
ATL 2/4
LED in situ
Inland: the campaign
ATL 3/4
Youth – mass people message in the press
Inland: the campaign
ATL 4/4
Politicians and responsible message in the press
Inland: the campaign
TTL 1/3
In malls branding
Inland: the campaign
TTL 2/3
Interactive envelop - recto
Inland: the campaign
TTL 3/3
Interactive envelop - verso
Inland: the campaign
BTL 1/2
CD cover and concert branding
Inland: the campaign
BTL 1/2
Poster in situ
Monitoring process
Monitoring process
As part of the advertising campaign already presented, the monitoring and
measure of its success and its advertising activities will be evaluated on a
very important stage in assessing what did and did not work and analyzing if
the objectives of the campaign were met.
Developing relevant and realistic objectives during the planning stages of the
campaign is vital to post campaign evaluation. Where possible, the specific
targets that were based on benchmarks will be evaluated.
Examples of data sources may include:
- Website statistics including page views, collateral downloads and search
engine rankings. Online research is a cost effective method of gathering
campaign evaluation information
- Communication such as phone calls, emails, customer enquiries etc.
- Qualitative data from stakeholders involved.
- Monitoring of social media comments or discussions about the campaign.
“it’s time to say goodbye!”

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