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Why is focus on Health, Safety and Security
important for us in Subshore?
The purpose of the systematic HSE work is to ensure that
problems are detected and taken care of in time before any
unwanted events occur. HSE applies to the safety of our
employees and that is where our focus should be.
Solutions you come forward with shall contribute to
preventing problems related to working environment, health
and lifestyle.
Focus on Health, Safety and Environment helps to
increase company value.
Health, Safety and Environment
HSE activities or the internal control shall ensure: good working
environment and safety, prevention of health or environmental
This means focusing
on the following items :
- Risk Analysis
- Deviation handling and registering
Subshore HSE vision is as follows:
Zero injuries and loss to the people, materials and
Risk Analysis
Risk analysis shall prepare an employee for what can happen in work
THINK first, then CARRY OUT
It is important that YOU think through:
- what should you do
- how to do it
- what do you need to do the job
- who will work with you
- how to secure the workplace, above, under
and next to where the work shall take place.
There are many who may be affected by work operations therefore it is
important to THINK through work instructions first.
Think first, then carry out
FOCUS: Falling objects
WHAT can happen:
Dropped tools, scaffolding components.
Damage to the material equipment and
people who stay under/by the scaffold.
HOW to avoid:
Secure, barrier-off areas of work/building of scaffolding.
Secure all tools with safety line to your work belt.
Tidiness around the workspace.
Avoid unsecured components at workspace.
If you lose a tool weighing 2.12 kg, it will weigh much
more when it falls straight down = 16m can be fatal to
those who could be striked by it.
Deviation / Report Unwanted Event
Deviation Handling is the foundation to our HSE vision:
Zero injuries and loss to the people, materials and environment
Deviations shall identify situations
that may lead to the unwanted
event. Submitting the deviation
shall lead to changes in the
procedures to prevent this from
happening again.
The challenge is to get employees
to report deviations.
What shall Subshore do to encourage employees to understand the
importance of providing deviations reports and focus on safety of their own
and others?
Have you ever said: "I will only ..."
When working with a task it is often that you
come to a conclusion that "I will only .."
Such situations are common reasons why
incidents happen and people get injured.
When you think "I will only"; take 2 minutes
extra, think through what to do and look
It regards YOUR own, and your colleagues'
A tidy workplace ensures that you will find what
you need, do not trip over wires / equipment and
that you will spend less searching for things.
Cluttered surfaces can create dangerous
situations to those who are moving in the area. It
is also important to have a tidy workspace in
case you must evacuate.
Make sure you always clean up after yourself
and put things in place where they belong.
Securing yourself and your tools
All persons working at heights shall have safety
and fall protection equipment.
When working with loose items such as tools,
you shall always secure them.
Those who have tool belts shall at all times have
tools on safety lines and attached to the belt.
Loose objects can trigger dangerous situations if
you work at heights.
Falling objects can cause serious
injury to personnel and equipment.
Good attitude
It is important to have good HSE attitudes, for
you as an employee and for us as an
Together we will ensure the safety
of ourselves and those we work with.
Good HSE attitudes lead to good HSE figures
which again lead to more exciting and
challenging projects.
Why report the deviations?
A deviation shall always be thought through. The goal is that it should
never happen again.
What if you do not report a deviation and next time in the same situation
someone else than your, a colleague of yours gets seriously injured?
Would not it be nice if you had taken 2 minutes to deliver the deviation
report so that it was registered and improvements were implemented?
We have many good colleagues, but none to lose.

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