units 1-4 review test after test review

Finding the subjects and verbs.
Peaches, tangerines, and
pineapples are my favorite fruits,
but I like plums, too.
At the Smithsonian Museum are
seen many early American
Bacon, lettuce, and tomato make
a good sandwich.
Add the missing
punctuation marks.
J Edgar Hoover was director of
the fbi in Washington DC for forty
eight years.
We put apples, bananas and
grapes in the fruit salad but we
forgot the strawberries.
Please include the following
items pencils, paper, watercolors,
and an easel
Add the missing
punctuation marks.
Let’s bow our heads and pray
said coach johnson, before we
play the game.
My class quoted the poem Paul
Revere’s Ride for our principal
Did Aunt Grace move to Cody
Wyoming on May 5 1998

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