EOF Fall Kickoff 2014

PEP Process
What is it
Personlaized education plan - new advising tool we are implementing to
guide our advising with you.
Who is it for - It is mandatory for ALL students. Because it is a new initiative
we will focus on capturing the freshman, sophomore, and SSP students, but
it will be rolled out to the everyone by Spring semester.
Why - To help and support students goal of staying on track and graduating
within a four year period.
Where - The PEP will be located on the EOF webpage. EOF.pages.tcnj.edu > current students -> downloadable forms.
When - Expect an email before September 10th on where to locate the
forms and we will begin scheduling appointments from there.
SSP Process
Student Success Plan - A plan to get your GPA back to where you want it to be
and where you need it to be. It will be a collaborative process between
yourself and your program specialist and will last as long as you are below your
required GPA.
• Who is it for - Any Student with a 2.5 GPA or below. (If you are an Educational
Student it is 2.75 or below)
• Why - We use it for two reasons. To keep you off of college probation. It is a
sort of safety net. We also have it so that our students can maintain a
competitive GPA. A 3.0 should be everyones goal to help increase the chances
of success upon graduation.
• When - Students are required to set appointments with their program
specialists by the end of the second week of the semester. September 5th for
this semester.
Mandatory Tutoring
Math 095 or 096
Writing 101
All SSP students
Program Specialist Recommendation
Campus Toolkit
Remember this? Probably not, but
here is how to get back in.
What is Campus Toolkit
• Campus Toolkit was a program used over the
– We briefly introduced it so you could do
• It will be apart of your new On-Track system
– It will be used to complete assessments such as
the LASSI and your Mission statement
– We will also use it together to pass on
information to you
I forgot how to log on
By now most of you have forgotten how to
log on, or even what password you used. The
following slides will display what you need to do
in order to get back in, as well as what is needed
to complete the LASSI and Mission Statement.
First step:
Go to Campustoolkit.com
• Click on Log In
If You Remember:
If Not:
Try both your TCNJ Email and your
personal Email
For the Juniors
• Go in and take the LASSI
• Go in and complete your mission statement
For the Sophomores
• Go in and complete the mission statement
– We want you to begin thinking of about your
future success and how you will get there.
When Is This Due?
• This is due no later than Friday.
– It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to do
– We will be reviewing this and starting your PEP’s
Thanks! We appreciate you guys and
our goal is to graduate EVERYONE as
soon as possible and this will help.

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