The [email protected] Hopkins Solutions Center

The [email protected] Hopkins
Solutions Center
NOVEMBER 28, 2012
Deb Contrella
Cheryl Dennis
Linisha Ramsey
Kim Kelly
Jarmall McKeever
Dawn Kemp
Lisa Powell
Karin Davis
The [email protected] Hopkins Solutions Center
Above excerpted from the 2012 [email protected] Annual Report, Nov. 2012
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Solutions Center – About Us
DIRECTOR – Deborah Contrella
• Chuck Chassagne - Manager/
Brenda Stidham - QA
• Chuck Chassagne - Manager
• Chuck Chassagne - Manager
• Dawn Kemp - Manager
• Lisa Powell - Manager
• Lisa Powell - Manager
• Karin Davis - Manager
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Solutions Center – Organization Chart
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
IT HELP DESK - Overview
First line support for a variety of clinical and other production applications
Uses the Hewlett Packard- Service Manager application for the ticketing system for 533
configuration items which are a composition of academic, clinical, enterprise, financial/
administrative, hardware, network, printer, software, telecom and miscellaneous items.
Supports end-users at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Bayview Medical Center, Sibley
Memorial Hospital, Howard Count General Hospital, Suburban Hospital and 35 offsite
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians locations, SAIS and The Johns Hopkins
Receives around 16,000 calls monthly and 192,000 annually.
Average 650+ calls a day and 100 emails / self-service ticketing.
Currently, we are working on the implementation of a Knowledge base system that
should enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
The Knowledge base will be like a Google search and will provide answers quickly based
on keywords.
Excellent customer service and active listening skills are two key points of being a
successful Helpdesk Agent at the I.T. Solutions Center.
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE consists of a team of 4 Technical Support Analysts (technicians), a Year-Up intern
and a Technical Support Supervisor; who are located on the Homewood Campus in the basement of Garland Hall
room 01A. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8am until 4:30pm.
 Staff provides direct customer support for the faculty, staff and students for most of the Johns Hopkins
entities at the Technical Assistance Service Window. Most customers assisted at the Service window require
enhanced technical support. Technical Assistance is generally the first to encounter any new technology or
new operating systems, so learning the latest technology or operating systems is vital when providing the
support to the Johns Hopkins communities. The Service window averages 200 walk-up customers monthly.
Technical Assistance is also assigned incidents/problems from the IT Help Desk and assists faculty, students,
and Alumni via phone or email.
 Mobile Computing Program - Is a recommended student laptop program offered through the Johns
Hopkins Technology Store as well as online which recommends specific Dell/Apple models. Technical
Assistance provides total hardware and software support as well as provides loaner laptops while the students’
laptops purchased through the Mobile Computing Program are in for repairs. This year the Technology Store
sold over 900 Apples and about 60 Dell laptops.
 Apple Authorized Service Provider - Technical Assistance is an Apple Authorized Service Provider
(AASP) which means that our technicians are Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians and are able to offer
Apple Hardware support to all of the Johns Hopkins Faculty, Students and Staff. Technical Assistance
averages about 35 Apple hardware repairs monthly.
 Dell Certified – Technical Assistance Technicians are Dell Certified and are able to provide Dell hardware
support for all of the Johns Hopkins Faculty, Students and Staff. Technical Assistance averages about 10 Dell
hardware repairs monthly.
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Non-MCP Support - Provides software support for students who did not purchase through the Mobile
Computing Program which consists of virus and spyware removal and will assist with reloading the OS if
necessary. Resolves about 50 software issues monthly.
Networking/Resnet (Residential Networking) - Assists students with configuring their wireless, Resnet
or wired connections in their dorm room.
SWAT (Students With Advanced Technology) - Each fall semester the Technical Assistance team
collaboratively works alongside the Homewood Networking/Resnet team, to make sure each student is
successfully connected to Resnet, the Hopkins Wireless network and has Symantec Endpoint Protection
installed. This year there were 1350 freshmen accepted at JHU. During the month of September there were
almost 600 customers who were assisted at the Technical Assistance Service Window.
Outlook Live/Students and Alumni Email - Collaboratively works with Enterprise Messaging to provide
assistance for all Outlook Live Issues. Enterprise Messaging is in the process of moving all students/Alumni
over to the Outlook Live email system. 31,000 students are currently using Outlook Live and have accepted
the Terms of Service.
Mobile Device Support- Provides assistance for wireless connections and email configurations for students
on all mobile devices. Technical Assistance assists an average of 50 customers with Outlook Live, or
configuring email on their mobile device monthly.
Data Backup/Data Recovery/Anti-virus - Encourages students to continuously back up their data on
their laptop in the event there is a problem with their hard drive. Provides data backup only in the event of
hardware related issue and provides no guarantee that data can be restored. It is a best effort basis. Also
provides assistance with downloading Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Faculty/Staff and Disability Loaners - Collaborates with Disability Services to provide any IT services
necessary for Faculty or Students. Loaner laptops are maintained for Disability Services. An inventory of
Faculty and Staff loaners are also maintained at Technical Assistance.
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
The Telecom Service Center (Operator Services consists of a staff of 18 individuals who handle various
type of calls which include: general hospital questions for internal and external customers, paging on call
doctors after hours, serving as the answering service for several doctor’s offices after hours. We also
provide support with alarms and overhead paging when there is a hospital disaster or emergency.
Our Intellidesk system allows our operators to connect IPOP patients with their doctors immediately.
The Telecom Service Center strives to create an environment where we give extraordinary customer
service to our patients and their families, to our guests, visitors and employees.
TSC Operator Calls: 2,973
TSC Answering Service Calls: 484
TSC Code Calls: 9
Total: 3,466
TSC Operator Calls: 67,065
TSC Answering Service Calls: 14,654
TSC Code Calls: 437
Total: 82,156
TSC Operator Calls: 727,413
TSC Answering Service Calls: 167,810
TSC Code Calls: 4,366
Total: 899,589
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Service Manager – Is the ticketing application used by the Help Desk for Incident Management as well as groups here in IT for
Change Control. We have recently upgraded the system to a version that provides a mobile solution for managing changes and
incidents as well as a better designed Knowledge Management module.
Standard – Scheduled
—mergency – Changes within
24 hours of entering into SM
—perational –Changes that do
not impact any other system or
application. Upcoming code
change will enable this.
Formerly known as P99
or Root Cause Tickets
In SM Problem was
configured in too rigid a
manner for JH workflow,
so we recently modified
the code to better
accommodate our
Management is a new
module that offers the
ability to create a
knowledgebase and
load documentation
that can be used by
the Help Desk and SM
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Morning call – Daily call weekdays at 8:30AM where we review the top 6 groups whose changes can impact the institution. Then the
other teams’ changes are reviewed. Open forum for discussion of changes with those that are knowledgeable about the change.
SM 9.30 Upgrade:
Mobility client – Will allow the management of incidents and changes from a Smart Phone.
Knowledge Management – ability to load knowledge documentation that can be used by SM customers
Has a tremendously powerful search engine that will pull knowledge up like a Google search.
Metrics support:
Metrics are provided monthly to all teams reflecting the number of incidents assigned to their teams, P1, 2, and 3s.
We can pull metrics on groups, Services, length of time from open to close, etc.
Consultation, Project Management – We can help a group with a myriad of tasks from what is the best solution for the budgeted
dollars with conferencing, to creating crisp, clear, concise documentation for new devices, to recommending solutions for IT challenges
with ticketing applications, etc.
Communications – We participate in conference bridges for P1 incidents. We have created a guide for managing P1s from the group
level up to catastrophic events.
Future :
Self-service ticketing is currently in the pilot phase with CTS. We are tweaking the form as we identify more efficient ways to
make the experience less onerous for the customer. Knowledge will be key in this effort as the customer will be able to look at a
Knowledge article to find answers to questions that do not need to go to the Help Desk with the goal of having more ‘break/fix’
issues going to teams instead of how-to’s etc.
Service Catalog - In FY13 we will be implementing the HP Service Manager Service Catalog which will list all the goods and
services available to the customer to pick from in IT. The application will then create incidents for the teams to fill the request. It is
the penultimate one stop shop for an IT customer.
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to ensure that faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors have reliable and
convenient telecommunications services and equipment.
WHAT WE DO: Provides Telecommunications services for Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and Johns Hopkins
University including support for moves, additions and changes for new or existing telephone services.
In addition, we provide support on Telecom repair Incidents to communicate with the users, validate issue reported,
verify service configurations (to include operational instructions/user guidance) to resolve the problem and request
installation technician dispatch if needed.
Manage telecommunication facilities at East Baltimore, Bayview Medical Center, Homewood, Eastern, Mount
Washington, Keswick, Peabody and various locations in Maryland and Washington, D.C.
Voice Services (Avaya PBX and Centrex)
Telephones (Analog and Digital)
Auxiliary Lines (Fax, modems, alarms)
Student Residential Telephone Service
Call Center Services
SMS Voicemail to Email
Lisa Powell - Manager
Marlene Brammer
Emma DiBitonto
Robert Geldmacher (Call Center Specialist)
Will Rhodes
Isaac Sakala
A Telephone Service Request (TSR) is required to order new Telecom services or make changes to any existing services.
TSR forms are located at this website:
Telecom Customer Service can be reached on TN 443-287-4663/Option #2
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Software Licensing
Our mission is to ensure the availability of authorized and legal software at educational
and volume licensed discounts to the Johns Hopkins community.
SPARS – ( Spars is the Software Procurement and renewal
system; it’s basically the purchasing vehicle for your departmental Software needs.
SLIC – ( SLIC is the Software Licensing
Information Center. This is where you can find answers to most of your questions regarding Software
Licensing and/or SPARS such as new products, updates, etc. There’s also an extensive FAQ section
explaining everything from ‘what is a license’ to ‘what is the difference between Work at Home and
departmental use’
Software Licensing strives to offer software that can be used by a vast majority of faculty and staff.
With having one centralized department for Enterprise Licensing, we are usually able to negotiate
larger volume discounts. This also means that we’re not able to offer Software that is not widely used.
One of the biggest challenges we are dealing with is to improve SPARS by offering downloads. We have
for some time looked at ‘off the shelf’ products to see how and if they can be customized to fit the
various and complex Hopkins needs. We are continuing our efforts and appreciate any
suggestions/ideas you may have (you may direct those to [email protected])
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Service Request
The Service Request (SR) system is used to purchase new Computer Hardware &
Peripherals, and non-Enterprise software. It is also used as a tracking and project
management system for LAN Services and Network Services.
The SR system was designed to allow users to request multiple services via one system
and have one central point of contact for status (the SR coordinator).
For example, a customer could order a PC, have it setup by their LAN admin and
order/install any software along with it.
While the system works well, it is outdated and we are looking to make some changes.
Currently we are working on moving the Network Service requests to Telecom Service
requests. Customers will have one form to fill out for either a Telecom or a Network
request. We will share further details as we come closer to the completion of this project.
Please remember that problem calls will continue to be channeled through the HelpDesk.
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
Solutions Center – Contact Us
 Call 5HELP
 Go to the myJH Portal IT Help Desk Tab at the
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Call 410-516-3382
Visit Website:
Walk-ups welcomed at Homewood Garland Hall Room 01A M-F 8:00am4:30pm
 Dial "0" or 410-955-5000
 E-mail [email protected]
 Enter an IT Help Desk Incident for SM troubles
 For TSR forms:
 Call 443-287-4663/Option #2
 E-mail for Software questions: [email protected]
 For Service Requests, go to the myJH Portal Service Requests Tab at
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12
[email protected] SOLUTION CENTER - [email protected] Session 11/28/12

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