*Let it Go* By: Idina Menzel

“Let it Go”
By: Idina Menzel
Alcantara Jose Carlos
Ms. Galloway
March 2014
The song is about being true about herself and be proud about
who she was. The conflict is the speaker can’t control her
powers and just let her powers go. The conflict is external
because she keeps letting her powers go. I can relate it to my
grandfather who passed away because we need to let him go
The speakers tone is sad that became happy at the end of the
song. The speaker is the 1st person because the speaker tells
that she wants to be herself. The intended mood of the song is
sad and happy. The song makes me feel happy because of the
beautiful melody. It changes from beginning to end.
The instruments used create a sad and a happy mood such as
drums, piano, violin, and flute. The beat is slow then it became
fast beat. The melody of it is slow at first then it slowly turns to
a fast melody. The song is in a sad tone mixed up with a happy
tone afterwards.
The theme of the song are problems can be hard to overcome if
you don’t believe in yourself. Be strong to fight your problem in
life. The evidence of the theme are “Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven
knows I tried” (5). “And the fears controlled me, can’t get to me
at all” (19).
Figurative Language
• Personification
• Example: “ The cold never bothered me anyway” (16).
• Explanation: The speaker is being personified to a cold
because the speaker is a strong person that every problem
that she encounters, she can overcome it.
Figurative Language
• Simile
• Example: “ And I’ll rise like the break of dawn” (35).
• Explanation: The speaker is being compared to a dawn
because they are both rising bright.
Figurative Language
• Hyperbole
• Example: “The perfect girl is gone” (37).
• Explanation: People cannot be perfect in life because every
people in the world are not perfect.
Sound Devices
• Repetition
• Example: “ Let it go, Let it go” (10) (12).
Sound Devices
• Rhyme
• Example: “ My power flurries through the air into the ground”
“My soul is spiraling fractals all around” (30-31).
Personal Connection
• I chose this song because it tells us to be our self and don’t
hide who we really are. The lyrics attracted me because the
message is beautiful. The message of the song helps me to be
myself. The message also helps me to accept who I am and
what can I do in life.
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