Co-Curricular Transcripts

Co-Curricular Transcripts
Fall 2012
Office of Student Activities
 What is it?
 What goes on it?
 Why should I use it?
 How do I make one?
 Personalize
What is it?
 The Co-Curricular Transcript is a comprehensive record of a
student's leadership experiences and campus involvement
while an undergraduate.
 It is a supplement to their academic transcript.
Involvements in student organizations in
Pioneer Place will be automatically populated
on your co-curricular transcript.
What goes on it?
You can manually add in any of the following pieces to enhance your involvement
 Awards
Honors received while a student at Utica College (not during high school years) such as special recognition from
community organizations, the Student Recognition Banquet Awards, academic honors, Who’s Who Among Students in
American Universities and Colleges, RA of the Month, etc.
 Athletics/Intramurals
Serving as a member, captain, coach, or manager of an athletic club, varsity sport, or intramural team
 Educational Workshops/Conferences
Attendance at any professional development opportunities such as leadership seminars, workshops, professional
conferences, training sessions, etc.
 Community Service
Volunteer work that provides service to others such as working with a youth organization, for a healthcare facility, as a
reader for an elementary school, at a soup kitchen, etc.
 Campus Involvement
Service to the campus community such as being an Orientation Mentor, an RA, UC Ambassador, Peer Tutor, mascot, or
student representation on a committee, etc.
Why should I use it?
 The Co-Curricular Transcript is a document of non-academic
activities that encourages students to reflect on the skills and
values they learn through involvement outside the classroom.
 It is designed as a means of recognizing and tracking out-ofclass learning, development, and contributions during a
students’ college career.
 This is an excellent way to record co-curricular
accomplishments in order to evaluate your career choices
and get ahead when applying to jobs and looking for
How do I make one?
 Any Student Organizations, sports, offices, and committees
you’re involved with that have a Pioneer Place account will
automatically be posted on your personal co-curricular
transcript. It will update which positions you hold and keep
track of how long you’re a member.
 To add accomplishments to your Co-Curricular Transcript in
Pioneer Place, go the the "My Involvement" tab in the
navigation bar on your user profile page, and click on
“Experiences.” Each experience you create will also appear
on the transcript automatically.
 To add items to your co-curricular transcript other than student
organization involvement, you must use the “Experiences” link in the
top navigation bar, under “My Involvement.”
 You also directly access the “Co-Curricular Transcript” link from this
navigation bar.
 There are many different topics for your experiences. There is
no right or wrong topic to choose. Whichever topic you decide
fits the experience you want to add is correct for you!
 The topics appear as
section headlines on
the transcript.
 Each experience you
add will automatically
appear on the
transcript under the
appropriate headline.
 When saving and printing transcript copies, you can hide
certain experiences or take away entire topics to make the
content appropriate for your use at the time.
 You can create multiple copies of your transcript and save
them as real PDF documents.

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