SW National Test 2014-2015 Study Guide

SW National Test
2014-2015 Study Guide
Basic SW Knowledge
 Motto: Knowledge, wisdom and courage to serve
 Colors
 Blue - Representing the sky above and the Airpower we support
 White - Representing the purity of our intent and our loyalty to our
 Objectives
 Personal Development
 Professional Development
 Civic Awareness
 On Silver Wings
 Official National Silver Wings newsletter
Basic SW Knowledge
 Founded at University of Omaha, 1952
 Originally known as Angel Flight
 SW Crest
 Symbolizes the strength of the organization, wings representing the
chapters which are held up by the torch of knowledge.
 JNP—Joint National Project
 Reaching Out
 Each candidate class needs 20 hours
 SNP—Signature National Project
 National Defense
 SWM—Silver Wings National Manual
 Basic manual for Silver Wings and describes national policies and
 A University may submit a bid to host NATCON/ARCON at the
upcoming conclave
 Voting Members
 One delegate from each chapter
 Region Presidents
 NATCON—National Conclave
 Held in Chicago (CHICON) April 2015
 Opportunity for SW and AAS members from every Area/Region to
meet, attend business sessions, vote on important topics and
much more.
 ARCON—Area/Region Conclave
 There are 11 Area/Regions, nationwide
 Held by a Chapter/Squadron in your region
 Opportunity for SW and AAS members within a region to meet,
attend business sessions, vote on important topics etc.
Associate Member Process
 Orientation Workshop
 Professional Workshop
 Military Workshop
 Community Service Event
 Fundraising Event
 Formal Event
 Arnold Air Society educational workshop
 Parliamentary Procedures Workshop
 Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised
National Headquarters
 Voted in at NATCON by the SW General Assembly
Silver Wings National Headquarters
 Currently held at Auburn University
 SW National President
 Ms. Christina Aycock
Arnold Air Society National Headquarters
 Currently held at Rochester Institute of Technology
 AAS National President
 C/Brig. Gen. John McCartney
Executive Management Center
 Co-Executive Directors
 Brig. Gen. Dan Woodward
 Maj. Gen. Maggie Woodward
 Objectives of EMC
 To provide a point of contact for chapter presidents
 To centralize management at a national level
 To provide continuity each year as National HQ changes
 To provide a point of contact with other agencies such as Air Force
 Permanent headquarters that stores history about Silver Wings and its
Acronyms to Know
 Arnold Air Society
 Executive Management Center
 Professor of Aerospace Studies
 National Administrative Consultant
 National Honorary President
 Silver Wings National Manual
 National Chief of Protocol
 National Business Chair
 RP
 Region President
 Air Force Association
 Joint National Project
 Signature National Project
Arnold Air Society
 Founded at University of Cincinnati, 1947
 Three Objectives
 To create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer
candidates, in particular within the Air Force Reserve Officer
Training Corps.
 To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers.
 To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United
States Air Force
 Colors
 White—purity of our intent
 Red—for the blood shed
 Blue—for the skies we fly
 Gold—for our warrior spirit and our wings
Air Force Ranks

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