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EuropeAid & EU Origin
EU Origin Ordering Process
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June 20, 2013
EU Origin Ordering Process
EuropeAid Programs (EU External Aid)
 When is EU Origin required
 See also the separate EuropeAid Thematic
Programs document, which gives detailed
information about:
 How is EU Origin made available
 EuropeAid IPA, ENPI, EDF and DCI Programs
 Products available with EU Origin
 Support from Global Sales
 Products with EU Origin
 How to quote
 Role Schuman Associates, the Brussels based
consultant Agilent uses for EU External Aid and
EU Structural Funds
 How to order
 Useful links
 Role System Integrators in EuropeAid and other
Public Tenders
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June 20, 2013
EuropeAid Tenders
Origin Requirements
 Origin requirements are defined in the tender dossier of EuropeAid tenders.
(typically article 10 in the tender special conditions) These requirements can differ per
 Most common requirements is: “All goods purchased must originate in a Member
State of the European Union (EU Origin), or a country covered by one of the
EuropeAid Programs (IPA / ENPI / EDF / DCI)
 Rarely EU Origin is deferred, but it happens in some cases
 For these purposes, "origin" means the place where the goods are mined, grown,
produced or manufactured and/or from which services are provided. The origin of the
goods must be determined according to the EU Customs Code, or to the relevant
international agreement applicable.
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June 20, 2013
EuropeAid Tenders
Origin requirements specifically for products manufactured by Agilent
For Agilent products articles 24 and 41 of the EU Community Customs Code apply
 Article 24: “Goods whose production involved more than one country shall be
deemed to originate in the country where they underwent their last, substantial,
economically justified processing or working in any undertaking equipped for that
purpose and resulting in a manufacture of a new product, or representing an
important stage of manufacture”
 Article 41 determines how reasonable quantities of accessories, parts and
consumables, obtain the same origin as the system manufactured under article 24
and of which they are an integral- and dependently functioning part. These goods
must be shipped with the system and be part of the Certificate of EU Origin.
!! For independently functioning accessories such as chillers (coolers), gas
generators, computers, printers, UPS systems, microwave digesters and robotic
sample preparation devices, EU manufactured systems with a separate Certificate of
Origin, or Long Standing Manufacturers’ Declaration must be supplied.
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June 20, 2013
How is EU Origin made available
 In Waldbronn, Germany the EU Licensed Manufacturing Team makes a
selection of Agilent instruments available with EU origin.
 This results in Origin: “Federal Republic of Germany (European Community)”
 Equipment available with EU Origin is listed in EU Order Guides in ELSA*.
 These instruments have a unique EU Part Number. Always use this number!
 For accessories, which by EU Customs Law are not eligible for EU Origin, EU alternative
products are listed in the EU Order Guides.
 Equipment and configurations which are not listed in the order guides are not available with
EU Origin.
!! Never assume that EU Origin for a given system is/will be available.
Always ask your Channel Partner Manager, or Customer Sales
* EU order guides are currently under construction and will one by one become available
between July and September 2013
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June 20, 2013
Available Agilent equipment with EU Origin (June 2013)
(for more details see EU Order Guides in ELSA)
EU P/N G1944A
EU P/N G1945A
•5975C inert MSD/DS
•5977A inert EI MSD/DS
• 7000 Triple Quad GC/MS
EU P/N G2248A
•HPLC 1220-1260-1290 Series
•MX3000, G2938-39, G3100
EU P/N G2245A
•6120, 6130, 6150 Single Quad LC-MS
•6420, 6430, 6460, 6490 Triple Quad LC-MS
•6530, 6540, 6550 Q-TOF LC-MS
EU P/N G2246A
•7700X ICP-MS
•240-280 AAS
•720 ICP-OES
EU P/N G2247A
•8453 UV-Vis
•Cary 60 UV-Vis; Cary Eclipse
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June 20, 2013
EuropeAid Tenders
How to quote and order
• Involve EuropeAid Program Manager from the start
• Define technically competitive configurations compliant with tender
specifications. Ask clarification questions to the tender committee.
• Assure availability of EU Origin
• Determine effective Tender Bid Strategy (use EuropeAid Tender Checklist)
• Distributor decides whether to bid directly, or via System Integrator
• Know all tender requirements (eligibility, ground for exclusion, documents,
conflicts of interest, financial- & economic capacities, bank guarantees)
• Mind the dead lines! Avoid the typical rush at the end.
• Inform Agilent ASAP when a EuropeAid tender has been won
• Provide EuropeAid reference number, contract signature date, ultimate
shipment date, need for IVL application (ICP-MS) and full configuration details
• In case a System Integrator is involved, make sure that all T&C’s of sale and
shipping instructions are included in the PO on Agilent
• In the PO provide the EU Part number and follow the instructions in the EU
order guides in ELSA
• Include all items in one purchase order to ensure that all products will be
included in the Certificate of EU Origin and shipped in one shipment
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June 20, 2013
Good luck in winning
EuropeAid Tenders!
Ask Global Sales for support and look
for the latest version of this document
Contact EuropeAid Program Manager @:
[email protected]

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