January 2013 Newsletter

Fishers Of Men
Welcome to 2013!!
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Hi Everyone. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and pray that you have an
awesome 2013. This comes with a theme that is recurrent at the discipleship
house “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for
My sake will find it” (Matt 16:25). This is something our guys are pondering and
often struggling with the reality of applying to their lives. It’s true not only of
those with addictions, but for all of us. To what extent are we willing to die to self
in our service to the Lord? Sometimes these questions are uncomfortable, and
those we try not to think too hard about. For those who can lay their lives truly at
the altar of sacrifice and give it all to Christ there comes a freedom no one can
deny. The price of surrender is minimal compared to what we obtain in Christ,
eternal life, peace, freedom, rest from struggle. Where we are going, none can
compare. Let’s keep our eye on the goal and on the prize, looking always forward
to Christ, especially as 2013 unwinds. Therein lies life and true freedom.
New Years Eve on
the Gold Coast
Fishers of Men was a hive of activity with Christmas hustle and bustle not so long
ago, there was the volunteers Christmas party, which was kind of smaller this year,
but had an awesome feeling of the presence of the Lord.
Then the Christmas Celebration for the homeless which went well,
thanks again to Logan Uniting, and regular contributors to that
event such as Barry the owner of the Springwood Coffee Club, who
donates deserts and Logan City Council who donated $500. The
Mayor of Logan Pam Parker was already on holidays, but came back
specially to share from her heart with the homeless & disadvantaged
we minister to. Bobby shared, whinging, (not like him!) that the
Dinners ready to go, with volunteers &
Mayor stole his message, but the truth of the matter was, they had Vicky Schweitzer who managed food prep.
both anticipated the same scripture to speak from. It seemed to work well
regardless, & when Bobby gave an invitation, many responded by giving their
lives to Christ for the first time.
The night was enjoyable, with around 110 needy people fed. Two Churches
ministered in song, New Heart Baptist, with a presentation called “The King is
Coming” & Grace Community Church with a beautiful choir singing favourite
Christmas items. Thanks to Bob & Jan Cerezo who co-ordinated the collation The wonderful and spectacular
Bob & Jan Cerezo
of donations, every needy person received a Christmas gift. But,
more importantly than that, they also heard how Christ is the
best gift we could ever receive. It was a humbling experience to
participate as so many caring people from a variety of organisations and Churches
chipped in together for the betterment of others.
Thank you to everyone involved.
Sitting down to enjoy the meal
Farewell Jackson
We have recently seen unusual tension between aboriginal and Samoan
families in the area. The unrest was sparked by the death of Jackson, an
aboriginal youth we had been ministering to for some time, especially on the
weekend just prior to his death. Jackson was open to the gospel, and believed
in Jesus. The entire street van team wish to pass
on our sympathy, respect and condolences to the
community with which he is connected.
Our registration as a charity in Qld has been
approved, (registration number: CH2276)
Growing Deep and Strong
Several of the guys from the discipleship house have completed modules 1 & 2 of
the “Growing Deep and Strong” course material with Peter and Karn Benson.
They have benefitted greatly, and are now moving on to module 3, with Joe and
Monita Duijmovic. (Peter and Karn are continuing to focus on module 1 &2 with
the new residents).
1 Cor 15:58 : “Therefore, my
beloved brethren, be steadfast,
immovable, always abounding
in the work of the Lord,
knowing that your labor is not
in vain in the Lord”
Servng in the kitchen
Mr Benson and his truck
Aiden’s Baptism
Some of the men from the house
This month we were able to help Linda, (not true name). Linda came to us at the
recommendation of another agency. When she got to us, Linda was 39 weeks and 6
days pregnant, Linda had gone through the trauma of being beaten by the father of
the child she was carrying. She had spent time in hospital due to the severity of the
injuries and the bruising of the amniotic sac. The father is in gaol as a result of it,
but she is still to testify in court, with his family members threatening to kill her if she
does! Prior to beating her, the father broke all their furniture, including everything
belonging to the children, (she also has a 3 year old girl), he even burnt their clothes.
Basically, Linda was hugely in need of assistance. Again, through the generosity of
our donors, the support of volunteers and the kindness of God, we were able to
provide Linda with some essential basics she needed to keep going, from food, to a
babies car seat, bed, mattress, linen, clothes, cupboards, table and chairs etc. Simple
things, but well needed. It’s awesome that Fishers of Men can be used in this way as
a conduit of his love and provision. Please pray for “Linda” !!
Christmas day was a quiet one, 20 of us sat around the family table enjoying the
company & Christmas lunch. We had the six of us, dad, the guys from the house,
and the family of one of the men. The guys had been complaining about the bath
towels at Lorimer, so with some of the donation money raised for Christmas, we
bought each of them a quality bath sheet, and embroidered each one’s name individually
with silver thread. The result was really nice, (they got other stuff as well, but that was the
best). The Mearns children enjoyed the day. Even though mummy and daddy don’t believe
in “Satan Clause” as mummy calls him, the kids get presents, but they know the real reason
we celebrate Christmas.
Zoie got accolades for behaviour and academic achievement this year, the other three are
working on it. We’ll see how it goes. We praise God for the good Christian school they
attend, & find Calvary Christian College to be encouraging and supportive of our goals to raise
the kids as Christians!! Thank God too, that Calvary has kindly supported us with a reduction
in fees so that we are able to send the kids there! Interestingly enough, the school has 4 sport
teams named after notable Christians. “Pullinger” is one of them, and won this year. Even
though our kids are in other teams, (eg: Zoie’s in Livingstone ), we were excited at Pullinger’s
first place! (after Jackie who started the ministry where Bobby was set free from drugs in
Hong Kong, author of “Chasing the Dragon”).
No big trips for us this year, but we are looking forward to a week away with the kids at Bribie
Island, & we have theme park passes as well, so we’re keeping occupied over the school
holidays. Zekiel is now over 110cm, so he’s happily able to go on some of the rides!! Zara
has lost her two front teeth, she looks really cute! Zach & Zeke enjoyed soccer
this year & all of the munchkins enjoyed swimming on Saturdays after lessons. Zoie
has been enjoying herself at youth, and is hoping to join the school mission trip to
Tonga this year, (she has been doing some babysitting and has been saving up to pay
for it herself). They are growing up.
Ps: Bobby wants me to tell you that he’s getting more and more good
looking, (taller, darker and way more handsomer).
God bless you, from the Mearnses & Fishers of Men. Hoping this
letter finds you well as we look forward to what lies ahead in 2013.
Remember to put Christ 1st in everything, he is the “be all & end all”
Zekiel and two brothers
HaHa and Ayik in the
The guys on Sky Coaster at Sea World
Zara and Zekiel’s
On the beach New Years Eve
Bobby, Zach & Zoie @ Stradbroke Island
2 of the guys under a waterfall
@ Tamborine Mountains
4 “Z’s” @ Stradbroke
Little Critters
Blessed days
The Mearnses @Aratula

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