Data Recording Tools
Please explore
for an assortment of
counting and timing devices,
forms and more
Data Recording Tools
• Interval cueing via MP3 recording or devices
– see “Measure” tab at
• Motiv-Aider (
• Smartphone /tablet app $2-3 (Android, iPhone, iPod)
• Small portable device is approx. $50
Generates audible and/or tactile (vibrating) cues
• Note: iPhones and iPods limit the number of cues and may
require special settings or occasional app resets.
– Reduce/prevent student reactivity by wearing earbuds or
Ring style
$6.49 for 10 or more
Polder Timers
(search online at, etc.)
• Polder Triple Tell Timer
(beeps, flashes, light, and vibrates)
• Polder Buzz and Beep
• Polder 60-min. Timer
on a rope $5.99
Mobile Device Apps
Thanks to:
• Ryan O’Donnell, Florida Institute of Technology
FABA 2011 paper session
• Friendship Circle
• The App Whisperer
• Autism Spectrum Directory
Behavior Tracker Pro (BTP)
• Only for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
• Allows BCBAs, behavioral therapists, aides,
teachers or parents to track and graph behaviors
• Web portal for online data sharing with team
Behavior Tracker Pro (BTP)
• Online portal not required
• Data and graphs can be emailed from mobile
• Mobile device database and video
Behavior Tracker Pro (BTP)
• Add Students and Observers:
(to 5:30, followed by review)
Behavior Tracker Pro (BTP)
• Record Data – Frequency, Duration (per
occurrence), and High Frequency;
• Video Capture;
• Data/Graph Analysis; and
• Data Export (as PNG image or data file) via email
or upload for sharing at web team portal
(to 7:30, ABC recording and Interval recording
Behavior Tracker Pro (BTP)
• ABC Recording - Data/Graph Analysis Frequency, Duration, and ABC
(to 12:10)
Behavior Tracker Pro (BTP)
• Interval recording:
Skill Tracker Pro (STP)
• During therapy/instruction, track unlimited clients and
observers. Optional video. Chart/export data.
• Each client and skill can be configured. Data methods
include cold probes for skills or mands, rate of manding,
trial by trial data collection and prompt level tracking.
• During cold probes, skills and targets are randomized, or
choose which target to probe, one at a time.
– Large library of skills and targets to assign to the
persons’ curriculum. Add your own skills and targets.
iOS only?
• Direct Assessment Tracking Application (D.A.T.A.)
• Allows users to precisely measure how often and
how long events occur over time.
• Can be used to conveniently and inconspicuously
collect data on a wide range of events in a variety
of settings.
• Fast, easy, tracks 4 behaviors
ABC Data App Family iOS only?
ABC Data (basic, limited app)
ABC Logbook (advanced app)
ABC Data Pro (midrange app – see next frame)
Simple set up for 1
teacher & two students
ABC Data Pro
• Nine buttons are independently
programmable with a label name
and whether it is for counting
events or measuring duration of
events. Buttons can refer to
individuals in a group, or an
individual with 9 behaviors, or 2
individuals each with 3 behaviors
and then general 3 ‘event’ buttons,
ABC Data Pro
• Mode 1: Behavior and/or event recording (free form):
Start elapsed time display & stop at any point.
• Mode 2. Interval recording. Set a total observation time
and then specify the length of each interval. The timer is
started and a countdown mode by interval begins.
Default is partial interval recording.
Supports non-rigid recording systems. In interval mode,
count and duration functions can be used. Places no
additional task load on the observer but yields much
more information from the data stream.
ABC Data Pro
• Mode 3. FBA. Three screens (9 programmed buttons per
screen) – Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence.
– Behavior is the ‘home’ screen
– To access the antecedent screen, ‘flick’ the screen right to
move it into place
– Then ‘flick’ left to expose the consequences screen.
• Like having 3 side by side screens of 9 buttons that pass
under a viewing ‘window’.
• Simple, fast interface to conduct complex observations.
• Email data in standard CSV file (Excel compatible)
Behavior Status
“Donate” version is ad free and adds features - $1.99
• Red-Yellow-Green (plus 2 color options)
• Donate version – Adds specific behavior tracking
• Catalyst
– Tracks more behaviors simultaneously (?)
!Observe Prime
• Psychsoft
Behavioral Observation Tool
• Simply press the button corresponding to the behavior
category you observe to add one to its tally.
• There is a column for the person you are observing, and
one for your control subject or group. The categories are
completely configurable in the options.
• You can use a timer that counts down the length of the
observation, vibrating every time you should mark
another tally. The total length and the time between
vibrations are both configurable in the options.
• Email the results in a .csv file that can be opened in Excel
or any other spreadsheet or graphing program.
Behavior Assessment Pro iOS only? $4.99
• Answer a series of questions surrounding a
particular behavior (antecedents,
consequences, etc) for intensive analysis of
the behavior.
• Questions are scripted which allows for
consistent analysis
• No customization of questions
iOS only? $3.99
• Basic counting app - not really designed for
behavioral intervention.
• However, we’ve had a few teachers report
that they’ve used it for keeping track of
behaviors for the purposes of functional
behavior analysis.
• Can “count” by flicking the phone, you don’t
even have to touch the screen!
ABC Behavior Assessment iOS only? $0.99
• Asks questions to guide novices in FBA process
from defining behaviors through hypothesis
Behavior Journal in iTunes store? iOS only? $9.99
• A complete utility for people working on target
behavior to easily record all behavioral data and
sync to the internet portal for detail report
creation and analysis robust dashboard or
directly email it to yourself.
– Need expertise in Excel spreadsheet management
– For web portals and storage:
• Get written permission (from everyone!)
• De-identify data (use codes, not student names)
– For mobile devices:
• Use password protection to open device
• Turn on Airplane mode when recording as some devices
may interrupt program with an incoming phone call, etc.
• De-identify data (use codes, not student names)
• Backup data often
• Enable remote data erasure feature

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