EKIOC Committees - Every Kid In Our Communities of Leeds and

Update September 2014
Chair: Claire Farella Health Unit
Members: Shannon Brown (OEYC), Tanis Brown (Coordinator),
Margaret Fancy (EKIOC), Gwendy Lapp (Triple P Practitioner), Keith
McPhee (EKIOC), Tom Turner (DSLG), Kathy Spratt (Recorder),
Peter Coughlin (CMHLG), Cindy Morrow (CAS), Esther Pigion
(Children’s Mental Health)
Update on Accomplishments over Past Year
Triple P Community Plan approved
Monthly Triple P media campaign developed and being
Triple P online introduced to community through school systems
Triple P promotional items purchased and distributed
Positive Parenting Café launched (OEYC and LGL Health Unit)
Triple P seminars offered to child care providers by DSLG
Community presentations
Emerging Priorities for Upcoming Year
 Data collection
 Funding to support ongoing training and
resource needs
 Integrating supports to bring Teen Triple P
into the community
Chair: David Huether had been the chair until Feb
2014. Tawnya Boileau has agreed to take over as
Members: Kevin Kapler, Lisa Zufelt, Harold Hess,
Margaret Fancy, Tom Turner, Beth Steel (or another
designate from the YMCA), Tawnya Boileau
Accomplishments over Past Year
 A work plan was developed that included
strategies to:
 Identify an Asset champion in each organization
 Produce an e-learning module for principals and
teachers on Developmental Assets
Target specific local media options for opportunities for
articles or discussions about strength based practices
 Make presentations to agency staff on request
This workgroup has been on hiatus. Our last workgroup
meeting was November 2013.
Emerging Priorities for Upcoming Year
 To reconvene and gain commitment of our workgroup
 To learn about the school boards’ resiliency results and
initiatives, and make the connections to developmental
 To develop a process and criteria to formally recognize
asset builders in our community
 Note: these priorities to be agreed upon/confirmed at our
meeting in October, 2014
Chair: Margaret Williams Retired CAO Brockville Library
Members: Margaret Fancy, Laura Lee MacDonald (Early Literacy
Specialist), Lisa Marston(Leeds and Thousand Islands Library), Mary
Kate Laphen (Merrickville Library), Sue Bergeron (North Grenville
Library) Vicki Stevenson (Rideau Lakes Library), Linda Chadwick
(Brockville Library), Susan Imrie (Health Unit), Lisa Cirka (Brockville
Library), Jessica Deschamps Baird (DAC support)
Accomplishments over Past Year
Debrief and evaluation meeting around performance measures and
outcomes from the 2013/2014 session (over 1738 votes cast, a
number of professional workshops held across Leeds-Grenville,
successful opening and closing events in LTI and Elizabethtown
Kitley libraries respectively.
7 planning meetings for 2014/2015 program delivery
Book title selection, budget, ordering, delivery,
packing workday, media releases, funding
development (CCCF, TD, United Way), securing
in-kind support and other prize/event donations
 3 events planned…breakfast for community
program providers and distribution of kits
(September 25), launch at Front of Yonge
Library/Community Centre (October 4), closing
event Athens (January 24, 2015)
 Adding a self-voting element to the program
this year by providing a ballot box with each
Emerging Priorities for Upcoming Year
 Engagement: to reach a greater number of
vulnerable families – in particular, children 0 to 3
years of age who do not visit the OEYCs, Libraries,
or go to school.
 Funding development: to maintain the current
quality of the books and the program given the
rising cost of program delivery (2009/2010 =
$9,000; 2014/15 = $13,000); to secure funding to
expand the program for 2015/2016 from 100 kits to
110 kits to meet the needs of schools and other
service providers.
 Toolkit: on-going plans to prepare a toolkit to share
with other areas; i.e.: Lanark, SD&G
Chair: Susan Watts EEC
Committee Members: Alison Tutak UCLG, Allan Hogan FCSLLG, Brenda
Dillabough Community Living NG, Marg Fancy EKIOC, Danika Wentzel
Health Unit, John Bell STEO, Keith McPhee, Kevin Kapler CMHLG, Sara
Hammel Tri CAS, Sheena Earl Township of Cardinal, Sue Dunfield
Township of Rideau Lakes, Tom Turner DSLG,Trish McNamara KEYS
Gananoque, Maureen Kort CSE Consulting
Dillon Consulting completed their survey - Accelerating Rural
Transportation Solutions: Lanark/Leeds and Grenville. The working group
has received a final report and will review it then bring highlights to Lead
2. We consulted with Jessica Deschamp from UGLC re a community needs
assessment – as a result she has found us a university student who will use
this as a project for his thesis. It will be a very comprehensive census like
survey to help determine what L&G’s transportation needs really are – very
defined rather than general “transportation is a barrier” – this will help
guide us towards an action plan e.g. does that mean a community bus or
door to door service or financial support via gas cards etc.
This needs analysis combined with our pilot results and the Dillon
report will enable us to write a business plan to meet the actual needs of
L&G with a sustainability plan. At this point we can approach funders and
Chair: Kevin Kapler
Members: The committee is currently being reorganized to include
representatives from UCDSB, CDSBEO, Mental Health, Public
Health, Special Needs Service Providers, and Justice from across the
jurisdiction of the school boards. Margaret Fancy and Keith McPhee to
Accomplishments over Past Year
Online version completed http://checkeredflags.ca/
Small committee formed to ensure ongoing review/updating of
Emerging Priorities over Next Year
Review committee formed and process for ongoing review
Document promoted throughout school boards and agencies
Planned coordination with Red Flags
Chair(s): Harold Hess Volunteer Centre and Maxine Weber
SE Region Autism Programme
Members: Shannon Brown OEYC; Gillian Jackson DSLG; Beth
Steel YMCA; Tom Jordan CDSBEO; Jackie Hoogwerf UCDSB;
Catherine Robinson PSL; Nathalie Daoust MinEDU; Cathy
Gladu Ange Gabriel Childcare and Regional French Language
Rep; Gwendy Lapp Triple P; Pam Hudson Gananoque Library;
Linda Chadwick Brockville Library; Jessica Deschamp-Baird
UCLG (DAC); Alexis Green Health Unit; Kevin Kapler
CMHLG; Sharon Chapman FCSLLG; Kathy Jodoin MTJB; Ruth
Shay MTJB; Dianne Clarke ICDP; Janice Deacon The Learning
Partnership; Kim Little UCLG; Donna Vanderkloet Hanna
BDACI; Jenny Smith ABA; Mary Jane Kohler North Grenville
Preschool and Coop; Barbara Landry MCYS; Marci Bruyere
CRCHC; Margaret Van Beers CDC Hotel Dieu; Renata
Dekeyser IBI; Margaret Fancy EKIOC
Accomplishments over Past Year
Six priority action sub groups identified; work plan developed
for each (Developmental Screening, Service Coordination,
Transition to Kindergarten, Special Populations (Aboriginal,
French language), Early Literacy (0 to 3); Data collection and
Coordinated planning and delivery of Welcome to Kindergarten
events in all LG schools (community partner representation of all
schools). Ongoing work with school boards to build on effective
parent engagement practices in terms of transition to school
Infant literacy “tubs” developed to reach families of
infants/toddlers through libraries
Plan to support aboriginal families developed and implemented
Received Innovation Grant in partnership with other SE Region
Network BSNs to develop a definition of Family Engagement and
strategies for ensuring families are engaged. Definition
developed and Report prepared and distributed to community
Plan for data collection and community data profile developed.
EDI results and information on sub domains shared with
community partners.
Special needs reference group reorganized to prepare for
Special Needs Strategy
Closer working relationship with Regional French
Language BSN
Plan for universal screening developed
Survey on levels of collaboration developed and
distributed in consultation with Health Nexus
Support for Recruitment and Retention of ECEs through:
panel presentations in partnership with EEC, survey of
ECEs in LG licensed childcare centres; work with SLC on
media campaign/promotion
Three Lunch and Learn P.D opportunities offered in each
of North Grenville, Brockville, Gananoque communities.
Cultural awareness ceremony offered in partnership with
UCDSB First Nations support staff
Emerging Priorities for Next Year (Priorities to be Confirmed at
September BSN meeting)
Continued work with school boards to implement effective
Transition to School practices (e.g. expansion of West Leeds
pilot project, review of Welcome to Kindergarten practices)
Family Engagement – deliberate strategies for
Developing a community response to Special Needs Strategy
Analysis of Health Nexus Survey results – how we are
working together, what collaborative relationships need to be
Developing strategies to engage hard to reach families
Community response to government initiatives (e.g. Child
and Family Centres)
Implementation of universal screening plan
Chair: Lois Dewey HCP
Members: Catherine Deplaedt Canadian Tire, Lois Dewey
Health Unit, Julie Ingleby Health Unit, Harold Hess
Volunteer Centre and 1000 Islands Art Council, Beth Steel
YMCA, Margaret Fancy EKIOC
Accomplishments over Last Year
 Workgroup evolved from Making Play Possible
workgroup. It was formed to address issues of Access
and Inclusion in recreation.
 Committee adopted a name (Access to Recreation)
 Decision to travel to municipalities in Leeds-Grenville
to identify strengths and gaps in terms of access to and
inclusion in recreation activities.
Emerging Priorities for Next Year
 Invite quality insurance staff evaluation team,
health information to create questions for
 Identify the communities we need to visit ,set a
schedule for visiting the communities and send
out invitations
 Meet with communities to distribute surveys.
Surveys completed by March
 Identify key partners in addressing needs and
bring them together.
 Apply for funding to support
Chair: Kevin Kapler
Members: Alison Inglis UCDSB; Michelle Neville CDSBEO; Russ
Larocque UCDSB; Tawnya Boileau Health Unit; Lois Dewey HCP;
Sara Hammel TriCAS; David North TriCAS; Joan Hodge United Way;
Kathy Sturgeon LG Mental Health; Kevin Spencer Safe Communities;
Diana McDonell Lanark Mental Health; Candace Kaine Probation;
Karen Moore Open Doors; Margaret Fancy EKIOC
Our work and priority over this past year has been on
working in partnership with Healthy Communities on
youth mental well-being and resiliency for municipalities.
Utilizing a developmental assets framework, we have
been developing indicators for municipalities that they
can use to help self-assess what programs, supports and
services are already in place, and possible areas for
change, that help support youth mental well-being and
This has been a long and detailed process,
utilizing research and youth input throughout
the process. We anticipate completing this
process in the next year, and discussing next
steps as to the role and goals of this group. This
group is also used to provide updates to
members with respect to new activities,
programs, and personnel related to child and
youth mental health. Feedback to date has been
that members find this forum useful and
Chair: Sue Poldervaart RNJ
Members: Sonya Jodoin VSLG; Sue Watts EEC; Laurie
Bourne-MacKeigan ARCC; Karen MacDonald-Hurley Girls
Inc. Kevin Kapler CMHLG; Tawnya Boileau Health Unit;
Elizabeth Langlois Connect Youth; Keith McPhee; Lois
Dewey HCP; Julie Ingleby Health Unit; Jessica DeschampBaird UCLG (Resource); Mark Heffernan Brockville Police
Accomplishments over Last Year
 Conducted a survey of Youth Service Providers to
identify types of services, referral processes etc.
available to youth and their families
 Reviewed Stepping Up document first as a structure for
a grant application to Ministry, then as a tool to help
guide planning in Leeds-Grenville.
Emerging Priorities
 Resourcing local data to complement data
presented in Stepping Up
 Expand Stepping Up “placemat” by
summarizing components currently being
addressed and by whom, identifying overlap
and gaps and prioritizing collaborative
actions to address gaps.
Chair: Heather Ballinger –Lanark Community Programs [as of Sept 14]
Members: Denise Wright –BDACI; Gillian Jackson-DSLG; Jenny Smith-ABA,
Renata DeKeyser-IBI; Karen Paterson, Roxannne Harrington-UCDSB; Nikki
Collins-Open Doors, Christine Brook-CMHL&G; Sarah Loten, Tanya Sweet,
Lori Murphy, Cheryl McIntosh –Parent reps; Jennifer Waring-LE; Mary Anne
Murray-PCY; Pat Cole, Melanie Godwin-CDSBEO; Christine Kasserra-CDC; ?
–Infant Development L&G; Orlana Brown-Autism Ontario
Accomplishments over Past Year
-ASD services guide posted on CMHL&G website
-Recruited parent membership representing varied geography and
age demographics
-made contact with all existing parent support groups and
established communication links
-collected existing data on prevalence
-ongoing complex case discussion [Service Coordination practice]
-linked to Autism Ontario
Emerging Priorities for Upcoming Year
 -Development of new work plan fall of 2014
 -identify strategies to support parents with new
diagnosis to link to services easier and earlier
 -continue to consider application of prevalence
 -continued forum for Service Coordination
Chair: Elizabeth Langlois Connect Youth
Members: Julie Ingleby, Health Unit, Kelly Cole, Girls Inc,
Lesley Patry, EEC, Lillian Gudmundsson, Youth Volunteer
Crew, Lisa Cirka, Brockville Library, Jonathon MacDougall,
youth, Michaela Bindert, Youth, Veronica Very, youth,
Margaret Fancy
Accomplishments over Past Year
 Established the goal to support municipalities in their
youth friendly designation. Two communities are
applying in December 2014: Brockville and Gananoque.
The committee has offered support in whatever way
feasible to both communities.
 Created the opportunity for youth service providers to
communicate and share resources and program
information to promote youth activities.
 Provided youth with a voice at regular monthly meetings.
Emerging Priorities for Upcoming Year ( 2 or
Share information and resources amongst
youth services in order to create new youth
opportunities in our communities.
Share information and resources with
communities to raise awareness and
understanding of youth friendly designation.
Give youth a voice in their community.
Chair: John O’Halloran – Youth Crown, supported by RNJ Youth Services (Sue Poldervaart, Kim
Thompson). John recently became Chair after Monica Heine moved to another jurisdiction.
Members: A number of youth serving agencies across Leeds and Grenville (ie. Justice, mental
health, addictions and other youth support programs.
Brief (one or two sentences) Update on Accomplishments over Past Year
- Welcomed Steve Clark to a meeting to educate on justice related issues within our
- been supportive to a number of projects within our community
- continue to grow our membership to enhance educational, networking and problem
solving capabilities amongst services providers
Emerging Priorities for Upcoming Year ( 2 or 3)
Our key goals are improving communication amongst the partners, offering educational and
networking opportunities and problem solving to address gaps in services within our
community through partnership and support. Key areas of focus are mental health and
addictions, housing for youth, support for transitional aged youth and transportation,
among others.
Additionally, this group acts as the Steering Committee to the Youth Justice Committee (a
restorative justice program offered by RNJ Youth Services).
Note: this group is not an EKIOC committee but is linked to EKIOC.

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