12 December, 6.00 p.m. Town Hall, Wroclaw
The annual International Christmas Evening in Wroclaw is one of the largest
international networking events. Organised by the largest International Chambers of
Commerce – American, British, German and French it attracts every years over 400 top
representatives of the major international companies doing business in Lower Silesia.
Are you interested in networking opportunities and promoting your company in
We still have atractive partnering and sponsoring opportunties.
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[email protected] or call 071 354 89 09
It has already became a tradition that the largest International Chambers of
Commerce in Poland get together in December in Wroclaw to throw the annual
International Christmas Evening. Each year the event takes place in the
Wroclaw’s Town Hall. Dim candle lights and glitter of Christmas trees and
overwhelming fragrance of fresh spruces create a unique and unforgettable

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