Youth Wetlands Week Overview

Youth Wetlands Education
and Outreach Program
Training Future Leaders to
Save America’s Treasure
Goals of the Youth Wetlands
Education and Outreach Program
• To instill within students the complexities and
consequences of continued unprecedented loss of
wetlands on the citizens of Louisiana,
• To instill in students that they are ambassadors for
responsible environmental stewardship of
Louisiana’s natural resources, and
• To encourage forward thinking, that results in
positive actions, in demonstrating that “Louisiana’s
wetland loss is the nation’s wetland loss.”
Objectives of the Youth
Wetlands Education and
Outreach Program
Develop hands-on environmental based lesson
plans for grades 4-12
Provide opportunities for service-learning wetland
restoration activities
Provide field-based, hands-on experiences to
youth during organized restoration projects held
across the state and during participation in
overnight camps
Conduct trainings for educators and provide inclassroom and field assistance that results in
successful program implementation
Program Enrollment
2007 – 2009
• Year 1:
– 22,000 students in 45 parishes
• Years 2 & 3:
– Averaged 52,000 in 55 parishes
– Averaged 1000 teachers
• 964 teachers
• 55,000 students in 58 parishes
• 1039 teachers
• 80,000 students in 58 parishes
• 950 teachers
• 71,000 students in 59 parishes
Classroom Materials
Curriculum Binder
– General wetlands
– All lessons for
4th – 12th grades
– Updated every year
– GLE table
Educational supplies
Classroom materials
Laboratory supplies
Field materials
Educational videos
“Wet Work” video
Classroom Enrichment
Vegetative Plantings
Service Projects
Summer Camps
Educational Outreach
Program Recognition
• USDA National Program of Distinction
• 2011 USFWS Connecting Youth with
Natural Resources Conservation Education
• National Promising Practices Guide for
Science in Urban Communities (2011)
• 2011 CRCL Coastal Stewardship Award
• Wet Work Video Program:
– 2011 Southeast Regional Winner (NAE4-HA)
– 2011 National Winner (NAE4-HA)
– 2010 Governor’s Conservation Award
Youth Wetlands Program
2011-2012 Timeline
Online registration opens for the 2011-2012 Youth
Wetlands Program
Registration closes
Youth Wetlands materials delivered to agents
Distribution of Youth Wetlands Program supplies to
April 23 – 27
Youth Wetlands Week 2012
Program Year
Organize wetland restoration field trips, educational
booths, and activity days across the state
Partners and Sponsors
Louisiana OCPR
Louisiana DNR
Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP)
Louisiana State University (LSU) College of Education
LSU School of Plant, Soil, and Environmental Science
Louisiana Sea Grant College Program
Ponchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences
Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (CSREES)
Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, Restoration Act
LaBranche Wetland Watchers
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
Additional Information
Find us on Facebook:
Youth Wetlands Education and Outreach Program
Ashley Mullens
YW Program Manager
[email protected]

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