Hybrid Approaches Combining Metaheuristics and Methods of

Programme Gaspard Monge pour l'Optimisation et la Recherche Opérationnelle – 3 et 4 octobre 2013
Hybrid Approaches Combining Metaheuristics and
Methods of Mathematical Analysis for Environmental
Unit Commitment Problem
Leaders : Saïd Hanafi and Nenad Mladenovic
Mohammed BELLALIJ, LAMAV, University of Valenciennes
Rachid BENMANSOUR, LAMIH, University of Valenciennes
Igor CRÉVITS , LAMIH, University of Valenciennes
Saïd HANAFI, LAMIH, University of Valenciennes
Bassem JARBOUI, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Raca TODOSIJEVIC, LAMIH, Valenciennes
Rita MACEDO, LAMIH, University of Valenciennes
Marko MLADENOVIC, University of Valenciennes
Nenad MLADENOVIC, University of Brunel, United Kingdom
Christophe WILBAUT, LAMIH, University of Valenciennes
Hard Optimization Problems
Hybrid Approaches
NP-hard problems are often tackled in fields such as
mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics,
Hard Optimization Problem
engineering, economics, and social sciences to solve realf* = Max{f(x) : x  X  E}
world business problems appearing in Airline,
Scheduling, Planning, Data mining , Transportation and
Enviromental aspects
Unit Commitment Problem
Unit commitment Problem (UCP) is a well-known combinatorial optimization
problem. It consists of determining an optimal production plan for a given set of
power plants over a given time horizon so that the total production cost is
minimized, while various constraints are satisfied.
The constraints that must be respected are:
1) Unit power generation limits - upper and lower bounds of production for
each unit
2) Load balance - the total production of all active plants must satisfy the
required demand in each time period
3) Spinning reserve constraints
4) Minimum up/down time constraints – minimal number of consecutive time
periods during which units must be turned on/off
• Major polluters of the environment are power plants
• Globally, more than 70% of power plants use fossil fuels such as coal,
natural gas and oil
• After combustion more CO2 is produced than fuel is used
• Almost all countries enforce certain environmental penalties
• In some countries CO2 taxes are more expensive than the fuel itself
Environmental Unit Commitment Problem
Some Goals
• Effective methods for bi-objective problem that makes balance
between supply and demand.
• Hybrid approaches combining exact methods, heuristics and
relaxations for solving resource allocation and scheduling problems.
• Variable neighborhood search for the problem of mobilization of
production units, taking into account both economic and ecological
Proposed Animations
Optimization Seminars
- Seminar Organization
Debates between participants and speakers driven by the chairman
Real time synthesis to precise developments, complements and needs
- Structure of Half Day Seminars
Presentation of the basics focused on the area and recent developments
Discussion to define links between other research fields and synthesis to
precise needs
- Main Topics
• Hybrid Approaches in Combinatorial Optimization
Continuous Reflection on Education and Profession
Methodological issues of optimization
• Key points on mastering complexity for both methods and formulation
• Optimization in concrete situations and link between the numerical and the real world
• Improvement of the link by common vocabulary and concepts on optimization
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