Champion a Personal, Fair and Diverse NHS

Champion a Personal,
Fair & Diverse NHS
What we’re trying to do
Create a vibrant
network of champions,
who are committed to
taking some action to
help turn the vision of a
Personal, Fair &
Diverse (PFD) NHS
into a reality.
What we’re trying to do…
 Encourage as many NHS
staff as possible to sign up to
be a champion
Put Personal, Fair and
Diverse in the spotlight
Gather examples of how staff
champion fairness and
diversity and deliver services
that are personal – we know
you do this already.
What is a Personal, Fair & Diverse NHS? one where everyone’s contribution matters and
everyone counts.
Here's how some of our champions describe a personal,
fair and diverse NHS...
“One where all
patients and staff
feel that they are
listening to,
respected and
treated fairly.”
assessment, treatment
and support is delivered
in partnership with
people who use the
services and their
families and carers.”
Describing a Personal, Fair & Diverse NHS....
difference is
rather than
“...where every member of
staff and each patient are
involved, listened to and
respected for their own
unique qualities and
“ that recognises
the need to actively
explore and identify the
different needs of the
diverse communities it
serves which recognises
the need to create an
environment where all
staff are given the
opportunity to realise
their full potential.”
What do champions do?
The campaign is about doing
whatever you can in your day-today jobs to improve patient
experiences and to create fairer,
more inclusive working
• There are no requirements
• It’s not time consuming
• You do this already
Some examples of what champions may do...
speak up when you see or hear read the equality and diversity
things that don’t seem right or
pages of your trust’s intranet
find out more about equality
attend an in-house training
and diversity law
session on equality issues
seek a better understanding of
see how you can get involved the way patients from different
in the new Equality Delivery
cultures may be disadvantaged.
respect the different cultures
and beliefs of your colleagues
join your trusts equality and
diversity forum(s) or network(s)
Examples of what our champions are doing
"I have been visiting local
BME community groups to
engage with them regarding
their health and well-being.”
“I modify the
assessments and
interventions I engage
in with people
according to their
differing cognitive
“I set up network groups for
staff relating to diversity, LGBT
and disability. By raising the
profile of diversity, departments
are starting to identify new
ways of improving the service
to patients.”
“As a paramedic I visited
mosques, churches and
a synagogue to learn
about how best to enter
such buildings in an
a hugely popular HIV and LGBT fundraising awareness raising event every year in Lancashire which involves hundreds of people from all
Examples of what our champions are doing…
“I provide literature in
languages other than English
to service users and carers.”
“Every year I help to
organise a hugely
popular HIV and LGBT
fundraising awareness
raising event,
involving people from
all diverse
“I completed our trust’s elearning package for equality
and diversity so I could gain a
better understanding of the
subject area.”
I helped to set up and
continue to support
Project SEARCH, a
school to work
programme for students
with learning disabilities.”
Should I sign up?
Are you passionate about an
NHS with patients at its heart?
Do you care about working in an
NHS which is fair and accessible
to all?
Do you believe that diverse
workplaces make organisations
Are you prepared to carry out
one action to help create a
Personal, Fair and Diverse NHS?
You can sign up by visiting
By signing up to be a champion you will:
be part of a national movement dedicated to improving health
outcomes for everyone
have opportunities to connect with colleagues locally and
be able to share information and ideas and engage others
be doing your bit to help your trust move towards the delivery
of personal, fair and diverse services for staff and patients
help to put the equalities agenda into the spotlight.
For more information and to sign up, visit
If you have any questions about the campaign,
please email [email protected]
Join the campaign on Twitter @PFDchamps

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