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Understanding Philly’s Basement
1. Bounce (v.)
Definition: to spring back from a surface in a lively manner
Synonym: leap, jump, spring
Example: The ball bounced off the wall.
Word Family:
bounce·a·ble, adjective
bounce·a·bly, adverb
2. Clay (n.)
Definition: thick, heavy soil that is soft when wet, and hard
when dry or baked, used for making bricks and containers
Example: These dishes were made of baked clay.
Word Family:
3. Infrastructure (n.)
Definition: the basic systems and services, such as transport and
power supplies, that a country or organization uses in order to
work effectively
Example: The war has badly damaged the country's
Word Family:
in·fra·struc·tur·al, adjective
4. Ingenious (adj.)
Definition: (of a person) very clever and skilful, or (of a thing) cleverly
made or planned and involving new ideas and methods
Synonym: creative, imaginative, innovative
Example: Johnny is so ingenious - he can make the most remarkable
sculptures from the most ordinary materials.
Word Family:
in·gen·ious·ly, adverb
in·gen·ious·ness, noun
half-in·gen·ious, adjective
half-in·gen·ious·ly, adverb
half-in·gen·ious·ness, noun
5. Penetrate (v.)
Definition: to move into or through something
Synonym: pierce, puncture
Example: Amazingly, the bullet did not penetrate his brain.
Word Family:
pen·e·tra·tor, noun
pre·pen·e·trate, verb (used with object), pre·pen·e·trat·ed,
un·pen·e·trat·ed, adjective
6. Recapture (v.)
Definition: If something recaptures a previous emotion or style,
it makes you experience that emotion again or it repeats that style
Synonym: recover, recollect
Example: The film successfully recaptures the joyful style of the
1940s Hollywood musical.
Word Family:
re·cap·tur·a·ble, adjective
un·re·cap·tured, adjective
7. Scatter (v.)
Definition: to ( cause to) move far apart in different directions
Synonym: spread, sprinkle
Example: The protesters scattered at the sound of gunshots.
Word Family:
scat·ter·a·ble, adjective
scat·ter·er, noun
scat·ter·ing·ly, adverb
8. Sewer (n.)
Definition: a large pipe, usually underground, that is used for
carrying waste water and human waste away from buildings to a
place where they can be safely got rid of
Synonym: drain pipe
Example: A complicated system of sewers runs under the city.
Word Family:
sew·er·less, adjective
sew·er·like, adjective
9. Sinkhole (n.)
Definition: a hole formed in soluble rock by the action of water,
serving to conduct surface water to an underground passage.
Synonym: basin
Word Family:
10. Smuggler (n.)
Definition: someone who smuggles
Synonym: contrabandist
Example: Police arrested a cocaine smuggler.
Word Family:
an·ti·smug·gling, adjective
un·smug·gled, adjective
11. Sonar (adj.)
Definition: equipment, especially on a ship, which uses sound
waves to discover how deep the water is or the position of an
object in the water, such as a group of fish
Example: He used the sonar system to locate the valuable stones.
Word Family:
12. Storehouse (n.)
Definition: a building in which things are stored
Synonym: warehouse, depot
Example: He took the tools out of the storehouse.
Word Family:
13. Stroll (v.)
Definition: to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, especially for
Synonym: stray, meander
Example: We could stroll into town if you like.
Word Family:
14. Suspicious (adj.)
Definition: making you feel that something illegal is happening
or that something is wrong
Synonym: dubious, guilty-looking
Example: Her behaviour was very suspicious.
Word Family:
sus·pi·cious·ly, adverb
sus·pi·cious·ness, noun
hy·per·sus·pi·cious, adjective
hy·per·sus·pi·cious·ly, adverb
hy·per·sus·pi·cious·ness, noun
15. Unravel (v.)
Definition: make plain or clear; solve
Synonym: solve, reveal
Example: to unravel a situation; to unravel a mystery.
Word Family:
un·rav·el·er; especially British, un·rav·el·ler, noun
un·rav·el·ment, noun
16. Vault (n.)
Definition: a room or compartment, often built of or lined with
steel, reserved for the storage and safekeeping of valuables,
especially such a place in a bank.
Synonym: repository, safe deposit
Example: he was keeping the treasure a vault.
Word Family:
vault·like, adjective

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