How to Sign Up for a MyAmeriCorps Account

How to request a Loan
Forbearance using “My
AmeriCorps Online Account”
Compiled from Montana and Washington Campus Compacts
What is a Loan Forbearance?
Individuals who are serving in a term of service,
in an approved AmeriCorps position, may be
eligible to postpone the repayment of their
qualified student loans through an action called
Loan Forbearance. Forbearance is a temporary
postponement of principal loan payments.
Interest continues to accrue. See the Interest Accrual Request PowerPoint
to learn how the CNCS may be able to pay for the interest accrued while
volunteering with AmeriCorps.
How do I know if I’m eligible for a
Loan Forbearance?
AmeriCorps does not approve or disapprove
your forbearance request. Only the loan
holder can determine your loan’s
eligibility. Remember that your loan must
be a federally funded loan. This includes:
US Dept. of Education Direct Loans
Visit the AmeriCorps Homepage:
Click MyAmeriCorps:
Log into your account.
Once you are logged in you want to select “Create
Forbearance Request”.
Select your Term of Service:
Select (Search for Institutions):
Select the state where your loan
holder is located, if you do not know,
select “Search”:
Select state
and then
If your Loan Holder is not listed,
select “not found”:
Enter your Loan Holder’s contact information here:
If you do not know this information,
check with your financial aid office
or search for information regarding
your federal loans online (see
instructions below).
If you call your financial aid office,
ask if they have your loan type and
number available.
5 Steps to Retrieving Your Federal Student Loan Information:
Use the website & instructions below to retrieve your federal student loan information, which should assist you in searching
for your loan holder in your MyAmeriCorps account: (National Student Loan Data for Students)
1. Click on “Financial Aid Review”
2. Click Accept until you view a page that asks for your SSN & Federal Student Aid Pin number
3. Next you should be able to view your “Aid Summary” Page.
4. In this page click on the BLUE NUMBERS on the left of the page under “Type of Loan” to view specific information about your
federal student loan (i.e. current servicer, current lender, outstanding balance, etc.)
5. After you click on a blue number, see where it says “CURRENT LOAN SERVICER”—your current loan servicer is who you
should search when putting your loans on forbearance in your MyAmeriCorps Account.
Once you have entered in your loan
information, you must select “submit”
From your home page, select
My Education Award:
On your My Education Award page, you will be able to see all the activity you have done with your account,
and if the institution accepted or denied your request. This process is dependant on the Loan Holder and
could take up to a month to reflect in your account. Remember it is up to the Loan Holder to decide whether
or not to grant you a forbearance; there is no guarantee.
If you need further assistance:
Your Students in Service Campus Coordinator.
The National Service Trust:
My AmeriCorps Hotline:

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