Departmental Update - Department of Pediatrics and Human

Departmental Update
B. Keith English, M.D.
Chair, Pediatrics & Human Development
Multi-Campus Model for Pediatrics in
Upper Peninsula Region
Upper Peninsula:
Marquette General Hospital
Midland Regional:
•MidMichigan Health (Midland, Alma,
Gladwin, Clare)
•Hurley Children’s Hospital
Hospital Partners
= Student Clinical
Education Sites
Grand Rapids :
Traverse City
•Sparrow Children’s Center
Traverse City:
Munson Medical Center
Grand Rapids
Pediatrics and Human
Development APR: Timetable
• Self-study to be completed by February 1,
• Report to Dean and then Provost in April,
• Great opportunity for strategic planning for
The Six Key Questions for the APR
1.What do we do?
2. Why do we do it?
3. How well do we do it and who thinks so?
4. What difference would it make whether we did it or
5. Given our present status, how do we intend to
change in ways that help us advance?
6. How will we evaluate our future progress and
New Faculty
• Andre Bachmann, PhD, tenured Professor,
Grand Rapids campus, started 1/5/15
• Aghiad Chamdin, M.D., Assistant
Professor, Pediatric HematologyOncology, starts 2/1/15 (4/1/15)
• Rebecca Schein, M.D., Assistant
Professor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases,
starts 3/15/15
Faculty Recruitment Plans
• Posted positions in Pediatric Pulmonology
and Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
• Plans to post positions in Academic
General Pediatrics (2), Neonatology,
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
(DBP) and Child Psychology or Speech
Language Pathology
Faculty Recruitment Plans
• DBP and PhD (child psychology or speech
language pathology) recruits part of
MDCH-funded development of autism
services in Lansing
• Plans to develop an “Approved Autism
Evaluation Center” (AAEC) in partnership
with Wardcliff Abilities Center (Jane Turner
and Kathryn Larson are spearheading this
Faculty Recruitment Plans
• Recruitment for three investigator
positions in autism-related research
• Plans to recruit at least three individual
investigators in pediatric neurosciences in
Grand Rapids in partnership with pediatric
neurology expansion at HDVCH
Academic Competitiveness Funds
• MSU Plans to hire 100 new STEM faculty
in next couple of years
• Funding from Office of the Provost and
• Proposals solicited from Departments and
Colleges in November; additional
discussions underway
Academic Competitiveness Funds
• “Precision Pediatrics” concept has been
well-received by MSU leadership
• Partnership with Rick Leach in Ob-Gyn in
maternal-infant health proposal
• Partnership with George Mias, Rick
Neubig, others, for “Precision Pediatrics”
Precision Pediatrics at MSU
B. Keith English, M.D.
Chair, Pediatrics &
Human Development
Why “Precision” Pediatrics?
• Personalized, individualized, or precision
• For some, “personalized medicine” denotes
the creation and use of unique therapies for
every patient, whereas “precision medicine”
refers to the “tailoring of medical treatment to
the individualized characteristics of each
patient” (National Research Council, 2011)
Fit with Grand Initiatives and
NIH Funding Priorities
• Fit with NICHD Funding Priorities for the
next decade:
– “Catalog and identify interrelated environmental
and genetics factors that are key to .. health”
– Focus areas include developmental origins of
health and disease & behavior and cognition
(interventions for autism and pharmaceutics for
brain recovery)
– Fit with the NIH/DARPA/NSF “Brain Initiative”
– Fit with with National Human Genome
Research Institute (NHGRI) funding priorities
Fit with MSU ACF Principles
• Enhancing competitiveness and excellence of
tenured MSU faculty (1), improved NIH funding (4),
and align-ment with Grand Challenges & funding
priorities (3)
• Enhancing status of MSU investigators to exceed
that of our aspirational peers (2) and be on par with
leading centers (“precision medicine” being
embraced by UCSF, UCLA, Stanford, Duke, Harvard)
• Great potential for stronger international
collaboration in pediatrics (5) (e.g., Malawi, Brasil)
and for expanding MSU institutional diversity (6), in
bringing “precision pediatrics” to populations of
children – in Michigan and around the world
Fit with Multi-campus model for
CHM Pediatrics
• Fit with expansion of pediatric neurology,
epilepsy and neuroscience in Grand Rapids (
& epigenetics at VARI)
• Fit with expanded programs in autism-related
research in Pediatrics in East Lansing
• Fit with public health expansion in Flint (e.g.,
neuroscience of sleep) and CHM
investigators in Traverse City (autism),
Saginaw, Marquette
How To Build
“Precision Pediatrics”
(1) Recruit Leading Omics/Big Data
(2) Recruit Leading Physician-Scientists
whose focus is on genetics/epigenetics of
major medical conditions in children (e.g.,
autism/NDDs, asthma, childhood cancers)
(3) Recruit Leading Health Services
researchers whose aim is to bring
Precision Pediatrics to populations of

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