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Health Education
East Midlands
Come back to Nursing Campaign
Jane McCombe Workforce Transformation Manager
Carole Appleby Head of Communications
Come Back to Nursing video
What are your expectations from this
How many of you have heard about
the Come Back to Nursing Campaign
before coming today?
The offer
• University course fee paid
• Participant receives £500 for out of pocket expenses
• Practice placement receive £500 to support participant
• The University of Derby courses for 2015: September (distance
learning July 15) February 2016 & supports return to nursing for adult
and mental health fields. Contact Carol Vaughan
([email protected])
• The University of Northampton courses for 2015: April, June,
September (distance learning TBC) and supports adult, mental health,
learning disability and Child fields. Contact Ros Wray
([email protected])
• Website HEEM
• Website HEE
• Opportunities across the 5 counties for a variety of return to
practice placements and employment opportunities
Engaging nurses…
Nurses & ex-nurses are using social networks. This is the kind of content they
positively engage with…
Where have we hit?
Come Back to Nursing video
Come Back To Nursing…Phase 2…
Refreshed campaign toolkit for local support
Working with every LETB the campaign toolkit will be
refreshed to meet local requirements.
A schedule of events, activities & key dates, along with
regional key messages, will also be collated to drive
regional support from the national accounts.
Universities & hospitals to be engaged with directly to
ensure campaign success.
Come Back To Nursing…Phase 2…
Social media campaign
10 weeks of social media content that focuses on new year being a time for change &
2015 being the year to make that change
New content should include…
• New film
• Nurse lead content strategy to avoid negativity:
‘why we came back’
‘welcome back…[insert name]’
‘guide to returning’
• Returning nurses recording experiences
• Creative participation
• Image led content
Come Back To Nursing…Phase 2…
Come Back To Nursing…Phase 2…
Social media campaign
More social engagement with universities and relevant
organisations, with a focus on social PR opportunities.
Paid for activity to be focused regionally on Twitter and
Facebook, with more locally tailored messages…
‘Ever think about coming back to nursing? Head to the
open day at Birmingham Uni where you can meet
nurses who have returned recently & find out all about
the return to practice programme.’
Come Back To Nursing…Phase 2…
Find 3 strong case studies to take to consumer press...
Penny sitting on Lorraine’s sofa
Mary featured in Bella
Work with each Comms team, Trust & university to
source 2-3 interesting features from each LETB to
present to local press.
The message……
Inspired by the idea of returning to nursing?
Still committed to care and compassion?
If you’ve ever thought about returning to practice, now is the time
to do it.
What are you going to do to spread the word?
Any further questions ?
How can you help us to bring this campaign to life? @janemccombe
Contact Jane McCombe, RtP Lead at HEEM for more details [email protected]

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