The 2014 GED Test - Rhode Island Adult Education Professional

A Rationale For Technology Software And Its Uses
In An Adult ABE/ GED® Classroom For
The 21st Century
Presented by Al Alba, PhD
And Commentary On Aztec Software
By Ivelisse Santiago
May 2012
Thank You To Martin D. Kehe and
Daphne Atkinson, GED® Testing Service
Adapts to range of students’ abilities. (Vygotsky’s
Zone Of Proximal Development)
Immediate feedback is provided to response.
Visuals and positive prompts can motivate
Students will be familiar with technology both for
careers and future schooling.
◦ Find, apply, and perform jobs online.
◦ Obtain jobs that require familiarity with computers. (e.g.
teaching, administrative assistance, telemarketing,
computer aided design, automotive diagnostics,
◦ Personal Use : Computers can facilitate completing
school work, taking on-line courses, paying bills, banking,
social networking, research, games, and shopping.
If a student misses a class lecture or needs extra
review, the content can be reviewed with
computer access.
Software can present a wider range of materials in
a shorter period of time.
Through visuals, prompts, and animation, software
can provide simulations to help explain concepts.
Software can acclimate students to taking the
CASAS assessment, the diagnostic tests, the
official GED® Predicator/Readiness Tests, and the
forthcoming 2014 GED® Tests on the computer.
Network -- Teachers can check on students’
progress and examine students’ activities.
Students can work on a group or individualized
Stand Alone –- Teacher can have students work
on diverse lessons in one class. (Student or
students are not restricted to listening to a lecture
on material already mastered.)
A software program can provide a range of levels
from ABE to GED® and Career Readiness
A program that can help students develop a
positive self-esteem, ethics, responsibilities, selfworth, and interpersonal skills will be of benefit.
Computer scored essays will eliminate subjectivity
in scoring based on the reader’s background
and/or the Halo Effect.
Computer timed practice tests with scaled scores
will increase the predictor validity of test.
Fewer students will take the exam who are not
The results for an exam can arrive within a day
rather than several weeks.
Can the program be used for a wide range of
students being serviced? Is there an ABE and
GED® component?
Does the program include CASAS and TABE type
instructional lessons ?
The software company modifies and makes
changes to its content and delivery, so it will adapt
to new knowledge and Depth Of Knowledge
questioning for the 2014 GED® Examination.Assessment Guide 2
The teacher and student can review progress on
assigned lessons.
Does the program have a Pre-Post Test Exam to
determine initial placement and areas that may
need additional review respectively?
Does the Post Test have a good predictive
validity? The cost for the complete test will
be $120.00
The content and types of questions should
represent the actual GED® Exam. The content of
the new exam will be changing. For example, the
math on the 2014 GED® Examination will require
more algebraic problem solving. Computing
surface area and solving the Quadratic Equation
will be new topics.
Adobe or MS-Word files would allow one to print
out a lesson review or quiz sheet.
The GED® software should require students to
complete a GED® Essay for analysis. A
computer generated essay score will add
predictive validity to the essay score with
respect to the scoring rubrics.
The revised program should allow students to
gain practice and be assessed for the
Extended Response, Short Answer Response,
and problem types noted in Assessment
Guide 1.
A program that can be accessed on line and
offline will increase access to everyone.
Classrooms without internet access can benefit
from software that can be installed on networks,
laptops, and desktops.
The revised software program would benefit if a
scientific calculator can be used as part of the
math lessons and assessments.
The upgrade policy for the software and its cost
for upgrading should be considered.
An update of all GED® software programs will be
needed to be in line with the 2014 GED® Exam.
Make sure the software company is working with
the GED® Testing Service to develop updated
Provides ABE and GED® instruction.
Program has CASAS and TABE type modules or
Many instructional modules with Spanish audio.
Requires reading as part of instructional lessons
that are complemented with narration.
Pre-Post Test Assessment. Pre-Test recommends
areas needed for review.
Foundations Series
Financial Literacy Series
Examples Of Relevant Workplace
Competencies: Managing Emotions, Health and
Appearance, Positive Thinking, Team Work,
Time Management, Dealing With Supervisors,
and Relating to Others.
ABE – Reviews basic skills in math, writing,
social studies, science, and economics.
Reviews foundations of reading and spelling.
What makes the Aztec Software a diverse
program? In addition to the GED® Modules
you receive the ABE, the Occupational, and
the Ready For Work Series.
Aztec Software requires students to click or
drag to select an answer.
Aztec math modules have the ability to
readily create repeated practice for problems
by randomly generating new numbers for the
problems presented.
Company is in contact with GED® Testing
Services with respect to revising program for
the New 2014 GED® Exam.
Aztec offers free webinars and access to staff
prior to purchase.
Instruction is in modules where a teacher is
instructing to a class of 4 students.
Students interact with teacher.
Pre-Test is used to recommend lessons.
Post-Test gives you a GED® – Scaled Score
related to GED® test score.
Web-links provided for educational webpages.
Company is working on revising program.
New program will be revised for the new
2014 GED® test. One section will be for 4th 9th Grade ABE-Pre- GED®, and the other
section will be for 9th -12th High School Level.
Program provides instruction in reading,
writing, math, science, and social studies.
A computer essentials course will be created
next year.
Response type questions: multiple choice and
fill in type response. Some math questions
have grid response items.
Essay must be typed. Essay is then graded by
GED Academy Intelligence Computer
Software. Score is sent back electronically
with guidance for improvement. Total
Writing Exam score combines parts one and
two to get a GED scaled score.
Allows One To Easily Download Adobe Type
Files For Reference:
GED® Smart Text
The GED® Academy Writing Rules
The GED® Academy Math Formula Review
Company is in contact with GED® Testing
Services with respect to revising program for
the New 2014 GED® Exam.
The GED Academy offers free
webinars/access to staff prior to purchase.
Students will need keyboarding and mouse
operation skills.
Scientific Calculator will be embedded in the 2014
GED® Test. Therefore students will need to gain
familiarity using a scientific calculator as part of a
software program.
Official Pre-Test and Diagnostic Tests will be on
CASAS will be online.
Typing skills instruction will be required. If
the GED® software program does not have a
typing tutorial, a software typing instructional
program should be purchased.
Label each desktop or laptop in the
Assign students to only one Laptop or
Desktop with a unique student password.
Ear Buds or headphones should be available
for all computers.
Assign the students the instructional
module(s) they will be studying.
Verify students’ activities. You may want a
sign in sheet with time on/off, date, and
module(s) studied
Examining students notes will be of benefit to
examine instructional tasks.
Software can present a lot of information in a
short period of time. If students do not take
notes, much of students’ learning will not be
Constructivism-Students need to be actively
engaged in learning process.
If students do not have good note taking
skills, a lesson on note taking should be
presented. Samples or templates can be
A network will allow a group lesson that can
be supplemented with a classroom
worksheet. The worksheet can be used to
examine students’ comprehension.
Ideally, the teacher should preview the
software module that would be presented to
the class.
Teachers may want to generate open note
quizzes that students need to complete after
viewing the lesson.
Social Constructivism- Without the social
interaction with other more knowledgeable
people, it is impossible to acquire social
meaning. Encyclopedia
Computer software is preset to give one
method to solve a problem. A teacher
needs to let students know there are multiple
ways to solve problems in life.
The teacher is needed to answer questions
that arise from the instructional software.
Cognitive dissonance is a good thing. Explain
to students.
The teacher needs to provide students with
the skills and activities that will enable
students, so students can retain the
information presented by the software.
(e.g. note taking skills, critique notes, board
review of lessons, handouts, critique
practice essays with rubrics)
Computer software can have anomalies.
Students need to be informed some software
content can be wrong.
The teacher should report the anomalies to
the company’s representatives.
Computers can never replace the human
element and the Reflective Practitioner.
All students learn differently and may require
the instructor to present using multiple
modalities. Howard Gardner’s Multiple
A computer program will always need to be
supplemented with classroom instruction and
While the computer can score essays on the
actual predictor exam and the GED® exam, a
teacher will be needed to critically review
students’ writing during the learning phase.
Listening and correcting students’ reading
and speaking problems are best performed
by a teacher. Monitoring debates, modeling
empathy, and instilling motivation are some
humanistic reasons teachers cannot be
CBT user interface is designed so that a
learner with only basic computer skills is able
to test successfully on computer.*
 Basic keyboarding/typing skills (highly
recommended for the writing and social
studies extended response questions)*
 Familiarity with hardware (a keyboard and
mouse) and software (scrolling, graphics, and
exhibit windows) *
*Source GED® Testing Services
The New GED® Test Will Only Have 4 Exams
1. Math (45 Percent Quantitative 55 Percent
Algebraic) Exam Time 1.25 hours
2. Literacy (Reading and Writing) (1-Extended
Writing Section – 45 Minutes) 2 Short Answer
Exam Time 3 hours Including a 10 minute break
3. Science (40 Percent Life Science 40 Percent
Physical Science 20 Percent Earth and Space
Science) 2 Short Answer Exam Time 1.25 hours
4. Social Studies (1-Extended Writing Section-25
Minutes) Exam Time 1.5 hours
Question Will Require More Critical Thinking
verses Reading Comprehension Exams.
◦ Depth Of Knowledge Vs. Bloom’s Taxonomy
Multiple Choice
Multiple Select
Fill In The Blank
Drag and Drop
Cloze Items
Short Answer (SA)– 2 Items on Literature Test and 2
on Science Test (approximately 8-10 minutes each
Extended Response Items (ERI)– Literary Test (45
minutes) and Social Studies Test (25 minutes)
SA and ERI Are Constructive Response Items
Scoring Of Extended Response Questions
Three New Rubrics Will Be Used – Assessment Guide
– Chapter 3
Reading and Responding To A Source Text:
Scoring :
1. Analysis Of Argument and Use Of Evidence.
Essay will not examine a subjective opinion.
2. Development of Ideas and Organizational
3. Clarity and Command of Standard English
◦ Source: GED® Webinar Power Point Presentation
The 2014 will recognize two achievement
Students who score within the low to average
range of passing will be awarded a traditional
GED® Diploma
Students who score in the upper range of
passing will be recognized as Career and
College Ready.
Casio Scientific Calculator will be used online as part of the mathematics exam.
Scores on the 2014 GED® Exam will be
available shortly after the exam is completed.
An intelligent computer program will score
essays on the exam.
The generated score report will show in
greater detail the student’s strengths and
GED® Testing Service
Access for webinars, updates, test locations.
 The 2014 GED® Test Assessment Guides For Educators
may be downloaded from the above site. The Guides are
well worth reading. Chapters 1, 2, and 3, address type of
questions, level of questioning, and scoring analysis. Webinars –
With Recording and Corresponding Power Point For Each Chapter.
American Council on Education
Publishes the GED Examination.
 The Official Site for GED tests. Students can complete an official
online practice exam for $10.00
 Sample Test Questions
 Resources for Students and Educators (The Community News-
Research Reports-Fact Sheets)
 Useful Links To GED Related You-Tube Videos
CASAS sample items and online training
modules are available at
Common Core Standards:
◦ Instructional and Content Standards for the
upcoming 2014 GED® Exam will be generated from
the Common Core Content Standards: :
July 2012 : The GED® Testing Service will
allow educators to see item test samples.
Staff development modules will be available.
July 2013 : Online technology tutorial will
specify types of computer skills student will
need for 2014 GED® Exam.
September 2013 : The GED® Testing Service
will allow educators to see a Practice GED®
Exam. The Practice GED® Exam is a
transitional component that will be used from
September 2013 until the release of the
Readiness Test.
 2014 : The GED® Readiness Test will be
There will be multiple forms for both the
Practice GED® Exam and the GED® Readiness
2015: Diagnostic Test will be released. The
Diagnostic Test will be administered to
students upon entering the GED program.
The Diagnostic will be an assessment of a
student’s literacy and math levels.
The Diagnostic Test will allow students to see
their baseline literacy and math levels relative
to the levels needed to pass the actual GED®
I hope this presentation will help you make an
informed decision on selecting an
instructional software program for your
educational program.
Regardless of what software you may be
deciding upon I encourage you to ask the
vendor to offer you a complimentary usage
time to determine if the program will meet
your needs prior to making any purchase.

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