ACES: Academic, Career & Employability Skills

ACES: Academic, Career &
Employability Skills
ACES - Overview
 ATLAS (ABE Teaching & Learning Advancement System)
project to advance transitions instruction for all ABE
learners in Minnesota
 Transitions = transitioning learners to post-
secondary or employment
 National and State initiatives
 ACES cohort included 3 base groups of 24 teachers
ACES – Professional Development
 Integration of ACES framework into existing
curriculum from January - May
Readings in transition areas and research
Video observations and tasks
Moodle instructional modules
Online discussions with base groups and facilitators
Lesson planning
2 peer observations
Final group presentations
ACES Transitions Integration Framework
 Career Literacy / Awareness
 Critical Thinking
 Effective Communication
 Language and Learning Strategies
 Navigating and Understanding One’s Environment
 Numeracy
 Self-Management
 Technology
ACES Framework: Focused, Intentional Tool for
Lesson Planning.
Questions I ask myself when I plan my lessons:
 How can I address the eight areas of the framework?
 What activities will help my students in their jobs or their
academic futures?
Career Literacy/ Awareness
Conduct mock job interviews
Research jobs with MnCareers Books
Integrate grammar into filling out job accident
report forms
Critical Thinking
Incorporate higher order questions
Compare, contrast and evaluate prices based on
information from flyers
Compare money matters in the U.S. and your country
Scavenger Hunt to predict the topic of the lesson
Evaluate different community resources and decide
which is most useful
Effective Communication
Use sentence strips to match symptoms and
Role play symptoms, guess illness
Partners A/B exchange information
Partners share one worksheet
Jigsaw reading
Practice taking on various team roles (scribe, time
keeper, speaker, etc.)
Language and Learning Strategies
Use graphic organizers (Venn Diagram, grid,
schedule, T-chart)
Read for specific purpose
Scan community resources
Navigating and Understanding One’s Environment
Discuss the importance of job accident report forms
Fill out a checking account application, checks,
withdrawal forms
Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using credit
cards vs. cash
Indentify a personal need, contact a community
Compare unit prices
Fill out a withdrawal form
Calculate age
Calculate how many times you can get a
prescription refill
Organize class materials in 3-ring binders per
established order
Use a calendar to track attendance and important
Track CASAS test scores using graphs
Set specific learning goals
Scan documents and project them in class
Use technology to locate information and
Endless opportunities
Patricia’s ACES Work
Participants’ Feedback
ACES helped with:
 lesson planning focused on framework
 lessons being more intentional
 lessons that were more focused
 a focus on how to teach, not what to teach
 transforming teaching
 making students become more self-sufficient and self
 engaging students
Participants’ Feedback
ACES is …
 holistic and purposeful
 a ‘mindset’ change not a curriculum
 tailored to all levels
 a way to make your teaching more intentional and
 a toolbox for teaching
ACES is…
ACES is…
ACES is…
Future of ACES
 ACES Integration Framework will be adjusted with
recommendations of ACES Participants and ACES
Advisory Group
 ACES Participants will present in their
 Plan is for state-wide use by all ABE teachers in
Minnesota in future
 Other states are interested in the ACES Framework

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