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Fire Safety Awareness
Use Fire Extinguisher
Make Up of Fire
Fire is made up of the following attributes.
Fire is a chemical chain reaction.
If you can remove any one of these you can
control or defeat fire.
Classes of Fires
Class A -
Paper, Textiles, Wood, Most Plastics
& Rubber
Class B -
Flammable Liquids
Class C -
Combustible Gasses
Class E -
Electrically Energised Equipment
Class F -
Cooking Oils or Fats
Types of Extinguisher
• Powder Fire Extinguishers (ABE)
Red Canister White Stripe.
• Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers (F)
Red Canister Oatmeal Stripe.
• Water Fire Extinguishers (A)
Plain Red Canister.
More Types of Extinguishers
• Foam Fire Extinguishers (A & B)
Red Canister Blue Stripe.
• Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers (E)
Red Canister Black Stripe.
• Sapphire MRI Fire Extinguishers (A & E)
Polished SS Canister Yellow Stripe.
Northside Extinguishers
We have the following types here and they can
be used on the following fire types.
• Powder ABE
Paper Wood, Flammable Liquids, Electrical.
• Hose Reel: Paper Wood and Textiles
• Fire Blanket: Smothering Oils fats, Stovetop,
People/Clothing on fire
• An Extinguisher should only be used to put out
a small fire. (Waste Paper basket size)
• An extinguisher can clear an exit path.
• An extinguisher will not put out a large fire.
• Be aware of radiant heat.
• Be aware of electrical apparatus. Flames
conduct Electricity.
• Be aware of noxious fumes from fire.
• When the extinguisher is used a blast of
steam/ gasses can result.
• Lots of fine airborne debris may be present
during and after use. (Asthma, breathing)
Using the Extinguisher
This is a four step action P.A.S.S.
1. Pull the Pin (The inspection tag is usually
attached to it).
2. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
3. Squeeze handles together (MAX 30 seconds).
4. Sweep back and forth at the base of the fire.
When finished Lay the Fire Extinguisher on its side
DO NOT place back on the hook.
Use Fire Hose Reel
Precaution: NEVER use on an electrical fire
You will be Electrocuted.
This is a Three Step Action
1. Turn on the Stop Cock. This will release the
2. Pull the hose to unroll the hose. (Two people if
3. Twist the nozzle for water flow.
• The content has been sourced from the
Wormald Website for explanation purposes
and is intended for Northside Mackay &
Seaforth Uniting Church Use only.
• Consult YouTube for video demonstration
(not Australian but valid)

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