Students on Strike_Strange Fruit _3

What is most
important for a
person’s resilience?
Students on Strike by John Stork
“Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday
Richmond News Leader, 1951.
Because of his mental toughness, Stokes
and others like him were able to end the
inequality and injustice of Jim Crow laws.
Warren Leffler, 1957, US News and World Report.
William Gotlieb, “Bilie Holiday”, 2011.
“Strange Fruit” perf. Billie
Literary Devices in “Strange
O RHYME: “Southern trees bear a strange fruit/Blood on
the leaves and blood at the root”
METAPHOR: “Strange fruit hanging from the poplar
IMAGERY: “Pastoral scene of the gallant south/ The
bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
ALLITERATION & IMAGERY: “Scent of magnolias, sweet
and fresh, Then the sudden smell of burning flesh”
PERSONIFICATION: “For the rain to gather, for the wind
to suck”
ANAPHORA: “For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop”
EXTENDED METAPHOR: Lynched bodies are compared
to fruit on a tree
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_____/5 Title page includes the essential question, novel title, song title, and
group members’ names.
_____/20 Includes a summary of the novel and how the novel relates to the
essential question.
_____/20 Includes at least 5 literary devices used in the lyrics and how the
song relates to the essential question. The song is imbedded into the
_____/15 At least two different types of in text citations are used (paraphrase,
quote, block quote) and are cited correctly.
_____/10 At least two graphics are used to support the ideas within the novel
and/or song and include a cited caption.
_____/10 A Works Cited page is included. There are at least 5 sources and all
are cited correctly.
_____/10 Each member presents at least one slide. Presenters speak clearly,
using Standard English, and do not merely read from the slide.
_____/5 Font and colors are both easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.
Type is formatted so that all words fit on the slide.
_____/5 A printout of the slide presentation is included with two slides per
page, as well as the rubric.
TOTAL: _____/100

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