March 7th
 Wednesday: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
 Thursday:
 End of the Civil War,
 What Freedom Meant for Slavery.
 Study Guide Distribution
 Friday: America: The Story of Us
 Civil War Episode
Monday: Review
Tuesday: Civil War Exam
 Have you ever had a dream that came true? Have you
had any reoccurring dreams?
 He told this dream to his good friend and biographer.
 It occurred April 11th, 1865
 A haunting dream where he saw the face of his own
 3 days later Lincoln’s nightmare became a reality.
 Died
 Popcorn read article
 Discuss his death
 Video clip
 Homework:
 Create cartoon or newspaper article about Lincoln’s
 Occurred on Good Friday
 He was an exemplary Christian
 Died for the original sin of , slavery.
 The Great Benefactor was dead…what happened?
 Penn Ave Whitehouse hundreds of colored people,
weeping and wondering their fate…
 Considered himself an “instrument of God”
 His family was heavily investigated, all
Held as primary suspects.
 Man hunt for the assassin, as
he went on a daring escape.
 Bullet paralyzed the spine, he couldn't’t move he was
dragged out and lived for three more agonizing hours.
 Captured by Lieutenant Baker!
 He was killed on April 26th, 1865.
 He was 26 years old.
 So possessed, he honestly thought this would make
him a national hero in history.
 Cold. Wet and hungry with a broken leg, the one thing
he requested were newspapers.
 Occurred on Good Friday
 He was an exemplary Christian
 Died for the original sin of , slavery.
 The Great Benefactor was dead…what happened?
 Penn Ave Whitehouse hundreds of colored people,
weeping and wondering their fate…
 North and Lincoln critics of Lincoln began to reflect
on their hatred. Was it that sincere?
 8 conspirators who felt the wrath of a nation.
 Hash treatment to all 8.
 Sentencing was swift and severe.
 4 were sentenced to death by hanging
 Other 4 were given life sentences.
 Grandest parade in US History
 Wednesday, April 19th 1865
 Tens of thousands wore
badges to commutate his life.
-Robert and Todd in front, Mary
Remained grieving in the White House
17, 000 mile trip home to…
 A grand conspiracy against Lincoln’s Presidential
 Other examples like this in US History?
 Johnson was found sleeping in his bed. The
conspirator against the VP backed out last minute.
 Using your notes from the discussion, the video clip we
watched and your Assassination summary, create one
of the following:
 a comic that portrays the assassination of Abraham
Lincoln. A newspaper article announcing Lincoln’s
assassination. Based on what city/ side of the war you
are writing from your perspective of the news will
strongly differ. You may want to do some research as to
how newspapers did react. This should be one page in
your notebook.
 Actor inside job.
 What was the final outcome and impact of the Civil
War? Who won? How did this war reshape the
landscape of our nation? What fundamental changes
 Many historians have pointed out striking
coincidences between the assassinations of Abraham
Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Can you think of any?
 With Confederate troops growing more and more
desperate, southerners began to talk of peace.
 Lincoln sat down with Confederate leaders, but were
unable to produce any results.
 One reason for that is because Lincoln and Congress
had passed the 13thAmendment and it was passed in
December of 1865.
 It proclaimed the freedom of slaves in the ten states
then in rebellion, thus applying to 3.1 million of the 4
million slaves in the U.S. at that time.
 The Proclamation made abolition a central goal of the
war (in addition to reunion)
 The Thirteenth Amendment outlawed slavery in the
United States.
 Southerners were unwilling to accept a future without
 Lincoln’s next top priority: bringing Confederate states
back to the Union.
 December 1865
 13th Amendment is ratified
 April 2nd, 1865
 General Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant
 April 14th, 1865
 Lincoln is assassinated
 By the spring of 1865, the war was over.
 At the cost of 620,00 lives and the destruction of the
southern economy and much of its landscape
 Some 4 million enslaved Americans had seized their
 Now a newly shaped nation must come to terms with
the end of slavery and reconstruct a crumbled South.
 1. Complete Lincoln Assassination Cartoon/Article
 2. Read pages 392-395 in your textbook and answer the
following in a one page reflection:
 What were some of the reasons the North prevailed in
the Civil War?
 What were some lasting effects of the civil war?
3. Complete Gettysburg Translation/Reflection
4. Complete Civil War Map

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