Stephen Philips, Arup Product Design GRAFT LED Hi-Bay

Stephen Philips, Arup Product Design
Arup and Zumtobel are really well aligned as we share a similar vision and values. We both create better
solutions through innovation that are a benefit to people, backed up by fantastic technical performance.
Sydney Opera House by Jørn Utzon and Arup.
Our new LED Hi Bay product drew on Arup’s and Zumtobel’s experience of lighting for Industrial applications
NMV Ferrari manufacturing plant, Maranello Italy, Aterliers Jean Nouvel and Arup.
Open Plan Factory.
ABB Flexible Powertrain Assembly Plant GmbH, Germany
GRAFT wide beam developed to improve safety, boost visual comfort and enable highly efficient lighting planning.
Wide beam with square photometry to reduce the dark corners of the factory floor and potential overlap of light associated
with circular emission high bays.
Warehouse Inventory Control System
Bentley Automotive Parts, Crewe, UK.
Narrow beam with narrow elliptical photometry to reduce the dark corners of the warehouse racking and floor and to
enable good vertical illuminance.
Zumtobel’s Product Manager Adam Burton articulated the product need perfectly.
Wolfgang Gadner’s unquestionable pragmatism, product engineering and lighting experience,
backed up by the Zumtobel product development team has resulted in a new ‘archetypal’
High Bay product.
Adam Burton (Zumtobel), Florence Lam (Arup), Stephen Philips (Arup) and Wolfgang Gadner (Zumtobel) talking about GRAFT.
GRAFT sketch development.
GRAFT sketch development.
We developed a design that is ‘consolidated’ with a surrounding hood
Global expertise and local knowledge. As part of the product design and development process we tested concepts and
details via feedback from our global network of lighting specialists.
Concept 1
Concept 2
Brian Stacy, New York.
Tim Hunt, Sydney.
Junko Inomoto, Shanghai.
Simone Collon, Amsterdam.
Arfon Davies, London.
Stephen Philips, London.
An international and interdisciplinary Arup team helped to develop GRAFT.
Which end cover…angled or curved?
1 –to‘Flat’
to achieve IP 65
End Cover
Driver Tray
Heat dissipation sketch.
GRAFT Heat dissipation tests, Dornbirn
GRAFT Heat dissipation tests, Dornbirn
Efficiency = 100 lm/watt.
GRAFT was developed rapidly by Arup’s Product Design
team, working closely with the Zumtobel development team in
Austria. Our CAD/CAM tools, global network of specialists and
manufacturing knowledge brought the product to market in just eleven months.
“Working together with Arup gave us the feeling that we doing more than just fulfilling
the requirements of a design brief. The multi-disciplinary team enriched the
development process with application knowledge, innovative ideas and active
feedback from a genuinely global network. The end result is a leading product that
meets both the Arup and Zumtobel standards for delivering genuine customer
benefits through innovation and application-led design excellence.”
Adam Burton, Global Application & Product Management, Zumtobel GmbH
We drew on Arup and Zumtobel experience to
develop the product and bring GRAFT to market,
offering a range of product design, idea generation,
global product evaluation and development
This process encouraged innovative thinking, better
product performance, creativity and collaboration to
shape a better product.
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