A cell is like a hotel

The Cell
A Cell is Like a Hotel
 The Nucleus in a cell is
like the manager in a
 The manager controls
the hotel like the
nucleus controls the cell
Cell membrane
 The cell membrane in
the cell is like the
security guards in a
 The security guards
control who goes in and
out of a hotel, just like
the cell membrane
controls what goes in and
out of the cell.
Cell Wall
 The cell wall of a cell is like the building
structure of a hotel.
 The building structure supports the hotel just like
the cell wall supports the cell.
Endoplasmic reticulum
 The endoplasmic
reticulum (ER) in the cell
is like the elevators in a
 The elevators in a hotel
allow the people to travel
through the building, just
like the ER in a cell
allows the proteins to
travel through the cell
Golgi apparatus
 The Golgi apparatus in a
cell is like the bell boys in
a hotel.
 The Golgi apparatus
ships the proteins off to
there destination in the
cell, just like the bell boys
escort the people to their
hotel rooms.
 The mitochondrion in
the cell is like generators
in the hotel.
 The mitochondrion in
the cell produces energy
like the generators in the
hotel produce energy.
 The vacuole in the cell is
like the storage room in a
 The vacuole stores food
and waste just like the
storage room stores
 The ribosome in the cell
is like the hotel rooms in
the hotel.
 The ribosome produces
protein like the hotel
rooms produce income
for the hotel.
 Animal cell
 Plant Cell
 Cell membrane
 Cell wall
 Many small vacuoles
 Have chloroplast
 White, pink and red
 One large vacuole
 Don’t have chloroplast
 Photosynthesis
Both are necessary for life
Both have similar structure

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