Windows Store registration Step-by-step Guide

How to register in the Windows Store if you
have obtained a student code from
How to get your free Windows Store Access
3 easy steps:
Create a DreamSpark
account and verify your
user status
Redeem your Windows
Store registration code on
Register in the Windows
Store using your code
Tax Profile
Step 1: sign in
Sign in with the account you
just mapped to your
DreamSpark account
Step 2: input the Windows Store security code
A security code will be sent
to your designated email
account by the Windows
Store to confirm your identity
This is what the email
attachment will look like
Key in the security code here
Step 3: select the Account type
Select “Individual”. The
registration code provided
via DreamSpark for free
access is only for individual
Step 4: input your account details
Fill in your relevant details
and submit
Step 5: accept agreement terms
Accept the terms and
conditions before clicking
Step 6: input your DreamSpark registration code
Type in the registration code
that you redeemed at
DreamSpark to get the free
Step 7: input your credit card details
Key in the digits of the card
verification number (CVV) on
the back of your credit card
Fill in the rest of the details
and submit
Key in your credit card details. The
credit card no. must be a valid one
before it can be processed. Note that
you will not be charged the
registration fee since you used the
DreamSpark registration code
Step 8: confirm your order
The price is set to 0 since you
used the DreamSpark
registration code. You will be
redirected to a confirmation
page to confirm your order
Step 9: account setup confirmation and next step
Your account is now set up.
You will receive an Welcome
email to the email address
associated with your
Microsoft account. Click on
“Set up payout account” to
continue if you plan to
publish paid apps.
If you don’t want to set up your
payment account now,click
Continue to proceed on to
your Windows Store
Setup your
Tax Profile
Your Payment
Step 1: start adding a payment account
Click here to add a payout
Step 2: input your credit card verification code
Key in the digits of the card
verification number (CVV) on
the back of your credit card
(these are typically the last 3
to 4 digits, depending on the
credit card type)
Step 3: add your bank account details
Fill in all of the relevant bank
account information.
Step 4: account confirmation. Move to Tax information
Click on Tax
Setup Your Tax Profile
Step 1: click on continue
Click on “Continue” to fill in
your tax profile
Step 2: select the tax profile that applies to you
Select the option that applies
to you based on your
country of residence
Scenario 1: you are a US
Step 3: select your tax profile
Select this option
Step 4: complete W9 form
Fill in all relevant information
in the form
Step 5: complete W9 form continued
Complete all sections
of the form and then
sign your name here
Click Next to finish.
Step 6: tax profile complete
You are done!
You can now
start submitting
Scenario 2: you are not a US
Step 3: select your tax profile
Select this option
Step 4: input details
Ensure the fields are all
Step 5: select beneficial owner
Select the appropriate option
and click Next to continue.
Step 6: select the appropriate tax form
Select the appropriate
option; for most countries,
option 1 will be your choice.
Click Next to continue
Step 7: fill in the W-8BEN form
Select the appropriate
Select the most appropriate
Step 8: fill in the W-8BEN form…continued
Sign your name here
You will receive an email with
subject line “Digital W-8: PIN
for W-8 form digital
signature’’. Enter the 5-digit
PIN you get from by email
Submit to finish.
Step 9: tax profile complete
You can now
Click Done

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