Maintaining the Safety of participants within a sporting environment

Maintaining the Safety of
participants within a sporting
Background info… safety within sports
• Every manager will ensure that staff within
their organisation has training on how their
facility works in normal conditions (Normal
Operating Conditions NOC) and in an
emergency situation (Emergency Operating
Conditions EOC).
NOC: How to deal
with everyday
EOP: Instructions how to
deal with disorderly
behaviour and life/death
Normal Operating Procedures NOC
Document that details all of the service the leisure facility provides
(swimming pool dimensions, volleyball court markings…)
It indicates:
- Known Hazards: Misuse of
equipment/ unruly behaviour by
- Pool Hazards: Slippery pool
side, diving in shallow end
- Customers at risk: Weak
swimmers, children
Instructions are made on how
to follow risk assessments in
order to minimise risk
Other roles an NOP manual has:
How to deal with the public- no running on pool side etc…
Staff duties- Uniform (lifeguards having a whistle/ not leave pool unattended), staff training…
Cleaning duties- How changing rooms, halls etc have to be maintained…
First aid- Who is first aid trained…
Fire alarms- Where they are located and how to use them
Emergency Operating Procedures EOC
• The manual details how staff should respond in a
range of emergency situations:
- Fire
- Customer suffering from a minor injury (grazed knee) and a
major injury (concussion/ head injury)
- Spinal injury
- Blood/ vomit/ faeces
- Bomb threat
Staff Training
• Making sure staff are up to date with their
role requirements and qualifications.
Either through in
house training or
employers paying for
their staff to go to
external training
For example Life-Guards in the pool area, will
have to attend weekly training events and test to
maintain their job credibility. Also be up-to date
with the latest rescue techniques.
In most establishments
staff have to have a basic
first aid certificate
Assessment task…
Use a scenario to explain each of the
following procedures;
• Normal operating procedure
• Emergency operating procedure
• Staff training procedure
Staff Training Procedure (STP)
• You have just employed a new recreational
assistant at your local leisure centre, what is
your STP?
Explain each of the procedures,
providing examples as to why
you have written the procedure
in such a way. For example is
there a process or specific
manner in which you approach a
Remember you could use a
flow diagram to set your
procedure out…

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