April 1, 2012
What is Voki?
• Voki enables users to express themselves on
the web using a talking character. You can
customize your character to look or sound like
you or take the identity of lots of other types
of characters.
The meaning of “Voki”
• Voki is a combination of “vox”, which is Latin
for voice, and “Loki”, which is a playful shape
shifter in Norse Mythology.
• Voki is brought to you by the folks at Oddcast,
a New York based company that has been
creating speaking character on the web for
Hands on Technology
Voki is a fun way to introduce technology in the class. The user friendly interface allows
students to gain experience with a variety of web based applications.
Create and Imagine
Voki encourages students to use their imagination. There are infinite character combinations
to create and a variety of ways they can give their Voki a voice.
Memorable Learning
Vokis, by design, are a visual and audible point of reference for the lesson information.
Students have a hand in the entire process of creation which leads to a stronger retention of
what they learned.
Motivate to Participate
Kids of all ages and personalities will embrace Voki. The lesson plan database covers topics
for Kindergarteners up to High School and beyond. Even the shyest child in class will be able
to make their voice heard with Voki.
Language Tool
Voki voices are available in over 30 languages so students all over the world can participate.
Voki is also a great tool in language classes for lessons and pronunciation.
What’s not to love about Voki? Expect passionate work from students with a side of smiles.
Creating a Voki - Design
Fun and Easy
There are thousands of possible character combinations – let your imagination run wild!
Character Selection
To begin, you will pick out the head of the character you would like to work with. You may
select their hair type, lips, and facial hair and even adjust the hue of these features.
Dress your Voki in anything from funky costumes to corporate attire. You can even
accessorize them with “bling” like glasses or a colorful scarf!
Creating a Voki - Voice
Give it a Voice
Bring your Voki to life by giving it a unique voice! Your Voki can sound how ever you want,
even like you!
There are four ways to give your Voki a voice: Record by Phone (US numbers), Text to Speech,
Record by Microphone, or Upload an Audio File.
Text to Speech – over 25 languages!
The Text to Speech option lets you type in the information you would like your Voki to say.
There are over 25 languages to choose from in a variety of female and male voices. Sound
effects can be used to make your Voki whisper, echo, sound like a chipmunk, and more!
Creating a Voki – Final Touches
Switch up the background by selecting from our catalog of photos, cartoons and animations.
You can even upload your own photo!
Change the size and location of your Voki onscreen. The magnifying glass icon in the bottom
right corner lets you make these adjustments.
Personalize your player frame – pick a color!
Publishing a Voki
Save and Name
If you are happy with the Voki you created, you can now save and name it.
Publish or Email
Voki can be embedded and shared on over 20 popular sites. You can also use the URL that
links directly to your Voki’s own webpage. Emailing to a friend is quick and easy .
Lesson Plans
Get Inspired!
There are over 100 ready- to-go Voki Lesson Plans. Click “View Lesson Plan” to see a thorough
description of the lesson as well as instructions .
Covering the Bases
Browse lessons for virtually every school subject and age group. Teachers from all
over the world contribute their own Voki lesson plans to the database.
Voki Classroom - Teachers
Supercharge Voki
Voki Classroom brings the Voki experience to the next level. Teachers have access to a unique
interface to organize students, classes, lessons and more!
Manage Students
Organize Classes and Create Voki Lessons
Voki Classroom - Students
Submitting Work
With Voki Classroom, teachers assign lessons using Voki. After completing their Voki,
students submit their Voki’s for their teacher to review.
Lesson Page
The teachers may enable the Lesson Page URL where all approved Vokis can be viewed for
each lesson. This is a fun way for students share their Voki and learn from one another’s
Voki Voice
“My goal with using Voki is to give every student a voice and a face in a fun and engaging way.”
Lisa Nielsen, author of The Innovative Educator Blog
“Voki is really great with those students who are struggling readers, as well as students from different countries.”
LaQuita Densonm, Instructional Technology Specialist
"I use Voki to create a virtual me when I am away from the classroom or to explain directions to a project. I put
the Voki on my classroom blog so students can access it anytime.”
Erica Hartman, Teacher at Sparta Middle School in New Jersey
“I started using Voki a couple months ago with my class to communicate with our pen pals in California.”
Lisa Mims, 5th grade teacher at Pleasantville Elementary in Delaware
“My goals with Voki are to give my students a chance to practice their speaking skills in a motivating and
personalized way.”
Ana Maria Menezez, English teacher in Brazil
“Voki allows me to provide a fun and interactive audio example of the material we are singing in choir. Each of
the choirs have their own Voki character who sings section of the material we are preparing as a learning aid.”
Lyndell Allen, Music Teacher at Ballaret Grammar in Australia

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