The Mediflo duo breathing trainer

Mediflo Duo breathing trainer
Core Competences
MEDIFLO duo breathing trainer
Breathing trainer for inspiratory (SMI) and expiratory
exercises (PEP)
• SMI (Sustained Maximal Inspiration – in other words,
breathing slowly, continuously and as deeply as
is a conscious inhalation breathing exercise
which corresponds to sighing and yawning at a
physiological level. This means that there are no
• PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure)
is an active (but not forced) manoeuvre involving
breathing out against a resistance
Respiratory problems and convalescence
• manually operated, flow-oriented breathing trainer with
scale reading
• inspiratory and expiratory breathing exercises
• breathing training using SMI technique and PEP method
• the MEDIFLO duo is free from PVC and latex
• 12-15 cm H2O pressure
Music & singing
practical help for wind-instrument musicians
for learning the correct breathing and lip function
scale reading with different breathing resistances
window showing position of ball
Product Design
easily manageable
use is self-explanatory
motivates use (like a toy)
The device is supplied with operating instructions, a
body, a tube and a mouthpiece in a transparent
plastic bag with a zip closure.
The Mediflo duo breathing trainer:
helps if you suffer from:
dysfunction of the lung system
shortness of breath
problems with the bronchial tubes
short supply of oxygen
Training helps you restore your normal breathing
pattern, such as after an illness or many years of
The Mediflo duo breathing trainer:
• can be used for both inhalation and exhalation therapy.
With the MEDIFLO duo, changing from one to the other
requires four simple hand movements
• was developed on the basis of the sustained maximal
inspiration (SMI) technique to allow slow, deep and
maximum inhalation and is equipped with the positive
expiratory pressure (PEP) method to facilitate creating a
positive expiratory pressure against a resistance
• is suitable for children
With the Mediflo duo breathing trainer:
• You improve your health with regular inspiratory breathing
exercises by learning to use your lung volume more
intensively once again.
• Breathing exercises using the positive expiratory pressure
(PEP) method consist of breathing against a resistance.
The resultant positive pressure serves to prevent a
bronchial collapse (= a collapse of the bronchial walls
during exhaling); above all, exhalation training moves
secretion and helps remove it.
The Mediflo duo breathing trainer:
• was invented by the company TERXO AG from Switzerland
• is produced and assembled in Switzerland (98%) and
guarantees best Swiss quality
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