Accountability Literacy Workshp

Enhancing Advocacy:
Accountability Literacy As a Tool to Reach
Universal Access
Phillipa Tucker
About AAI
Acc & democratic governance
Each citizen, however ‘powerless’, is part of contract
and has some power to hold govt accountable.
Bill of Rights is part of the contract.
The contract is based not only on formal rules but also
on the content of a political programme/manifesto.
Types of Accountability
Bottom-up, ‘citizen power’
CSO & Donor
Checks and balances
Government control over bureaucracy
Implications of glocal: Global obligation to hold local leaders accountable
Accountability mechanisms
Loss of political support
Critical public opinion
Constitutional obstruction
Legislative criticism
Political campaigning
Media criticism
Peer review
Judicial orders
Civil activism
What accountability is not...
Monitoring and evaluation =
M&E is a means of increasing acc.
Accountability can exist where no M&E is being done.
Accountability can be the reason why M&E gets done.
Governance =
Accountability is one aspect of good governance.
Add acc, transparency, good M&E, budget management etc and
we have some of the ingredients for good governance.
Accounting =
AAI Basic Strategy
AAI believes that strong and accountable leadership is
necessary to ensure effective responses to HIV and
related health challenges.
We do this by
•increasing transparency,
•promoting dialogue and
•supporting action to improve the response.
Needs-driven, evidence-based
research and advocacy that measures
performance against the commitments that
have been made by govts.
Using data for advocacy
•Can’t argue with the figures, especially if self-reported
•Improved govt response based on facts not guesses
•Guides CSOs and donors response too
•Own data means greater ownership
•Data reporting processes create greater transparency
•Improves process: CSOs and govt should work together to
report, not just on data but on challenges and recommendations
•Increased political commitment
•Better identification of regional best practice
•Easy, accessible and powerful advocacy tool for CSOs
•We need to start pushing for improved data quality
Define Accountability 1
Working alone
please write a definition of accountability
in your own words
Define Accountability 2
Work with one
please write a joined definition of
Getting accountability
40 minutes
4 groups: Civil society - govt - funders - citizens
Name all the people/organisations that you
can/should hold accountable and the
mechanisms available to you to do this.
1. Govt: elections, constitutional court orders...
2. Multi-lateral aid agencies: political campaigning, ...
Personal Accountability Scorecard
AAI Accountability Tools
•Existing tools: Country Scorecard, Scorecard on Women,
LGBT Scorecard, Workplace Scorecard, Maputo SRHR
Project, ICPD+, and CCM Project.
Contact Details
Phillipa Tucker
Senior Researcher
South Africa Rating Centre
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South Africa, 8001
Tel: +27 (0) 21 466 80 74
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