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Hello Coaches!
Thank you for all you do for the athletes and families of Special Olympics Texas. This
PowerPoint contains the updates you will find in the 2015 SOTX Information Guide (SIG).
Certified coaches are responsible for these updates as well as the balance of the important
information in the SIG. Contact your area office or the chapter office if you have questions about
information contained in the 2015 SOTX Sports Information Guide.
In order to receive credit for attending the 2015 Coaches Recertification:
Review the PowerPoint and the Terms of Agreement
Check YES next to each statement
Enter your contact information and hit SUBMIT. (The form will only SUBMIT if you check YES
next to each statement, enter your contact information and hit SUBMIT)
All individuals must submit Terms of Agreement with own email address
Cannot share the same email address – only one email address per submission will be
2 / Special Olympics Texas
Additional steps required to maintain your coach certification:
• Complete Protective Behaviors every 3 years
• Complete Concussion in Sports Training every 3 years (New)
• Submit a new Class A Volunteer Application every 3 years (Contact
your Area office to check on your Class A status)
• Complete criminal background check every 4 years
The online 2015 Coaches Recertification will only be available
from January 5th – February 28th.
Thank you for all you do!
Molly Kuchar
Director of Program Training
Special Olympics Texas
[email protected]
3 / Special Olympics Texas
2015 Chapter Competition Dates
• February 5 - 8 Winter Games (Austin)
• May 8 – 10 Equestrian Summer Games (Bryan)
• May 21 – 24 Summer Games (Arlington)
• TBD Sailing and Kayaking (TBD)
• October 8 – 10 Fall Classic (Bryan-College Station)
• TBD Flag Football (Waco)
4 / Special Olympics Texas
Athlete Eligibility
Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI)
An athlete with Down Syndrome will no longer be required to automatically undergo an x-ray
examination as a requirement for participation. The new medical form procedures include an
assessment of symptoms of adverse neurological effects that replaces the x-ray examination
If an athlete was x-rayed at the time of registration and was found to have an AAI condition, he or
she may follow the new rule and be examined for symptoms of adverse neurological effects as
part of a “renewal” medical examination. If the athlete does not have these symptoms then he or
she maybe cleared for participation by a Licensed Medical Professional.
If the athlete does have symptoms then he or she may only participate if the athlete receives a
thorough neurological evaluation from a physician qualified to state that the cause of those
symptoms will not result in additional risk of neurological injury due to sports participation and
certifies that the athlete may participate. The athlete of the parent or guardian of a minor athlete
signs an informed consent that acknowledges they have been informed of the findings and
determinations of the physician.
Until all athletes have been screened using the new neurological method, the neurological status
of athletes that have only been screened by x-ray is unknown. Precautions will still need to be
taken for these athletes.
5 / Special Olympics Texas
Athlete Eligibility
New Athlete Medical
In 2015, Special Olympics, Inc. is rolling out a new medical which will lead to a better quality pre-participation
physical, and a greater ability for Special Olympics to assess the heath status of our athletes as a whole.
Athletes, parents and or caregivers only will complete the first three pages of the form. Physicians will complete the
fourth page during examination. The fifth page will only be used if a referral is necessary. For the majority of
athletes, the completed form will be only the first four pages. The fifth page is only for the limited number of
people not initially cleared to participate.
A form is considered complete if the appropriate medical practitioner signs the medical form and indicates that the
athlete is cleared for participation, and the form reflects all the necessary signatures. Medical professionals
approved to sign the form are as follows: Licensed Physician (MD), Physician Assistant licensed by the State
Board of Physicians Assistant Examiners, or a Registered Nurse recognized as an advanced practice nurse by
the Board of Nurse Examiners.
The purpose of the new medical form is to provide a clear and accurate health history. If there are not changes to
the athlete’s medical history, only page three and/or four are required to be updated. However, if there have
been changes to the athletes’ health, then a full medical form will need to be completed and signed by
registrants. New: Every athlete will need a doctor to review their medical status and sign page 3 every 3 years.
Check “Renewal” at the top of the medical if the athlete medical is expiring and an update is being submitted. A
doctor’s signature is required.
Check “Update” if the medical has not expired but the athletes medications have changed or their address needs up
dating. No doctor’s signature is required.
6 / Special Olympics Texas
Athlete Medical
Older Versions of the Athlete Medical will no longer be
accepted after February 28th, 2015
All Athlete Medicals must be submitted using the
2015 Medical Form starting March 1st, 2015
The new Athlete Medical Form is in a PDF format and
can be submitted online
If an athlete has an “Old” Athlete Medical on file with the Area office, that Medical is
good until the expiration date listed on that medical (generally the date used is when the
Medical is signed by a medical professional). Once it expires, the New Medical must be
7 / Special Olympics Texas
Volunteer Eligibility
8 / Special Olympics Texas
Volunteer Eligibility
We care deeply about our athletes, families and volunteers, so we
ask each of our Key Volunteers (including coaches and assistant
coaches) to undergo a thorough criminal background check to help
us ensure the safety of everyone involved in Special Olympics
Texas. Because of the expense of these extensive checks, we ask
that our volunteers pay the fee so that we can devote more of our
budget toward providing quality, year-round sports training and
competition to individuals with intellectual disabilities.
9 / Special Olympics Texas
Volunteer Eligibility
• Starting January 1st, 2015 the base cost of a Criminal
Background Check (CBC) will be $21.00 through
Verified Volunteers
This equates to $5.25 per year to volunteer with SOTX
• Criminal background checks will need to be renewed
every 4 years
• Class A Volunteer registration will need to be renewed
every 3 years
10 / Special Olympics Texas
Criminal Background Checks
• The Verified Volunteer link will be located on the
SOTX website
• All CBC results will be sent directly to SOTX
• The Volunteer owns the CBC record
• Volunteer no longer will need to provide social
security number
• Team account funds can be used to pay for SOTX
volunteer’s CBC’s
11 / Special Olympics Texas
2014 Volunteer Award Winners
Outstanding Service from a Business/Corporation – Broadway Bank, Area 20
Outstanding Service from a Civic or Service Organization – Texas A&M International University, Area 21
Coach of the Year – Patrick Noonan, Area 10
Outstanding Service from a Community Leader – Joe Villarreal, Area 20
Family of the Year – The Marshall Family, Area 22
Female Athlete of the Year: 15-21 – Stephanie Rick, Area 21
Female Athlete of the Year: 22+ - Schelly Porter, Area 10
Outstanding Volunteer for Fund Raising – Doug Sisk, Area 10
Male Athlete of the Year: 15-21 – Charles Pelz, Area 22
Male Athlete of the Year: 22+ - Jonathan Blackmon, Area 10
Outstanding Service for Outreach – Lucy Gutierrez, Area 21
Outstanding Volunteer for Sports and Competition – Stephen Pittenger, Area 4
Trainer of the Year – Lisabeth Lassiter, Area 10
Unified Sports Partner of the Year – Austin Combs, Area 4
Volunteer of the Year – Martha Bishop, Area 10
12 / Special Olympics Texas
Coach Certification
Coaches will no longer be mandated to work a minimum of 10 hours
with SOTX athletes and submit a practicum form to become a
certified SOTX Coach
Steps to Becoming A Certified Coach
1. Be a registered Class A Volunteer
2. Attend a sport specific coaches training face to face or online
3. Complete New Coach SIG Training (New Coaches as of 2015)
4. Complete Concussion in Sports training every 3 years
14 / Special Olympics Texas
Online SIG Training
• This training is for new SOTX Coaches as part of the Coach
certification requirement to complete Level 1 certification.
• The training is based upon the Sports Information Guide, which
contains important information about the policies and procedures,
sports rules, fundraising guidelines, financial requirements and
communication strategies for Special Olympics Texas.
15 / Special Olympics Texas
Concussion in Sports Training
The National Federation of State High School offers a FREE concussion
sports training to help raise awareness and help minimize the risk of
This training is for all new and current SOTX Coaches as part of the
Coach certification requirement.
All Users will receive a certificate of completion upon course completion
To receive credit, please forward all completion certificates to
[email protected]
Current coaches are to complete training in congruence with Class A
Volunteer Application
All coaches must take Concussion in Sports Training once every 3 years
16 / Special Olympics Texas
New Online Trainings
1. United States Bowling Course Coaching Level I Bowling
USBC Coaching Level I Bowling Online course – $49.00
Sport Specific Level 1 Course – basic sport skills and strategies.
2. Introduction to Autism and Instructional Strategies for Coaching
A Coach’s Playbook: Introduction to Autism and Instructional Strategies
for Coaching – FREE!
Offered through Special Olympics Virginia (SOVA) Introduction to Autism
Spectrum Disorder and provides strategies for coaching athletes with
A picture
paints a thousand words
Find the complete list of available Online Trainings at
SOTX Online Training Courses
17 / Special Olympics Texas
Risk Management
18 / Special Olympics Texas
Insurance Coverage
Changes in the required insurance coverage in excess
of scheduled SOCIP policies for all Special Olympics
accredited US Programs.
Excess (10X1) Coverage and Limits
Policy Aggregate now $20,000,000
Each Occurrence now $20,000,000
Unified Programs
A Unified certification is required in addition to a sport
specific certification in order to Coach Unified Sports.
A Unified Program Training is offered online for FREE by
the National Federation of State High School
Coaching Unified Sports - www.nfhslearn.com.
21 / Special Olympics Texas
Chapter SMT
2015 Meeting Schedule
Thursday, February 19, 2015 Conference Call
Thursday, June 11, 2015 Conference Call
Friday, September 11, 2015 Chapter Office - Austin
Thursday, November 5, 2015 Conference Call
22 / Special Olympics Texas
23 / Special Olympics Texas
Online Registration Forms
• All Registration Forms are now available online
in PDF and Word format for online submission
• SOTX encourages teams to submit entries
electronically to Area Offices
Golf Event Code
• Teams are required to provide caddies for their Level 4 and 5
athletes who are competing at Area, Regional and Chapter
• The caddies will need to be registered Class A Volunteers with
Special Olympics Texas and included on the Athlete Entry Form
• Role Code: CADDIE
25 / Special Olympics Texas
Chapter Games Entries
Processing Schedules
The schedule for processing Chapter Games entries can be found on the
Chapter Game specific competition pages located on the SOTX website
Items on entries processing schedule include:
• Deadlines for adding an athlete
• When Sport Schedules are posted online
• Delegation Rosters and Corrections Information
2015 World Games
Hosted in Los Angeles: July 25 - August 2, 2015
Team Texas!
14 Athletes
9 Coaches
27 / Special Olympics Texas
Summer Games
Resource Information
Soccer Sport Director
Jesse McNeil
9200 World Cup Way
Suite 202
Frisco, TX
[email protected]
29 / Special Olympics Texas
• Individual time trial qualifying times are
required for all events
• No combined times should be submitted
30 / Special Olympics Texas
Softball Throw
• Intended for athletes of lower abilities
• Throwing over 35 meters in competition will be considered a scratch and
not count in scoring
• Athletes that consistently throw further than 35 meters should be
moved to events that better challenge their abilities
Ball Throw
• Ball Throw has been changed to “Tennis Ball Throw”
Wheel Chair Shot Put
• Both Female and Male participants will use the 2.0kg (4.4lbs) shot for this
• Any jump below 1 meter is not permitted and will not be used for scoring
31 / Special Olympics Texas
Attire English Tack
• If riders are in hard-sole boots with heels, regular irons are now
acceptable English Tack attire
Protective Helmets
• All Coaches, Schoolers and Trainers must wear protective
SEI-ASTM approved helmets with a full harness
• Helmets must be replaced if ever involved in a fall
• It is suggested that helmets more than 5 years should be replaced
32 / Special Olympics Texas
Competition Level Changes
Level C-S and B-S
• All athletes will be accompanied by a “spotter” who
may assist with control of the horse and may walk on
the off side with or without a second lead rope
33 / Special Olympics Texas
Fall Classic
Resource Information
Flag Football Sport Director
Mike Hemker
306 East Live Oak
Hutto, TX.
[email protected]
Aquatics Sport Director
Bob Lang
4149 Lomita Ln
Dallas, TX.
[email protected]
Instructions for Bocce Skill Assessments has been moved in the Bocce Rule
section of Fall Classic
“Aquatics” will now be known as “Aquatics
(Swimming)” per SOI rule change.
37 / Special Olympics Texas
The SOI Official Sports Rules for golf now list the
maximum entry averages for each level of
SOTX will follow SOI maximum entry averages for
Golf levels 2-5
Level 2: average of 75 or lower
Level 3: average of 120 or lower (18 holes)
Level 4: average of 70 or lower
Level 5: average of 120 or lower
Team/individual entry scores cannot not exceed
SOI’s maximum entry average at Area, Regional
and Chapter competitions.
38 / Special Olympics Texas
The team/individual athlete must include with entries
6 scorecards in the level in which they wish to compete.
The Fall Classic Golf Organizing Committee documented
scores for the 2014 Fall Classic.
If a team/individual scores are above the recommended
maximum scores, the HOD and head coach will be
notified that the team/individual cannot participate in that
Level at the 2015 Fall Classic.
39 / Special Olympics Texas
Rule Changes
In the Individual Skills competition (Level 1), the IRON shot and the WOOD shot:
A rescue club CANNOT be used for both IRON shot and WOOD shot; only one or
the other.
Marshal monitors slow play and can penalize an individual/team within a group for
slow play with added strokes or disqualification
40 / Special Olympics Texas
• The use of helmets at a competition will be
decided by the Competition Director of an
event (based on environmental factors).
• Standardized touring Kayaks and Paddles are
to be provided by Delegations or by each
athlete for training
and competition.
41 / Special Olympics Texas
SOTX will use the race courses selected from the
standardized course configuration:
#1 – SACF
#2 – SACF
#5 – SA (maximum distance of 1,000 meters and a
finish line at A)
42 / Special Olympics Texas
• Facilities used to host regattas need to provide safe
access to the boars for all athletes, coaches and
• The distance from the windward turning mark to the
leeward turning mark will be no greater than 200
43 / Special Olympics Texas
• Walk Across Texas is now a fundraiser opportunity for teams and
delegations to raise money
• Walk Across Texas is a year-round statewide fundraiser in partnership
with Argilife
A team of any 8 individuals can help raise money for an SOTX team by
pledging a dollar per mile walked. The goal is to walk a total of 832
miles during the 8 week period while raising the same amount in
donations for Special Olympics Texas teams.
Do Not Call List
• In effort to prevent “multiple knocks on the door” a team
cannot call on any contacts without permission from the
area office.
• The complete Do Not Call list can be found in the
Development section of the SIG http://www.sotx.org
46 / Special Olympics Texas
Official Partners
Official Partners are SOTX sponsors who are always
“off limits” to approach for donations
Coco-Cola Refreshments
Food Town
H-E-B Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust
Law Enforcement Torch Run
47 / Special Olympics Texas
Names and Addresses
Names and Addresses
48 / Special Olympics Texas
Area Training Directors
Area 12 Training Director
Wanda Caldwell
4520 CR 107
Gatesville, TX.
[email protected]
49 / Special Olympics Texas
Next Steps:
Return to the Area Conference homepage
Review the Terms of Agreement
Enter your contact information with own email address
Select YES under each statement
The 2015 SOTX Information Guide (SIG) can be accessed
from http://www.sotx.org.
SOTX will no longer print a hardcopy.
Contact your area office or the chapter office if you have
questions about information contained in the 2015 SOTX
Information Guide.
50 / Special Olympics Texas
Thank you for your time.
Good luck in 2015!
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