Laura Nice and ADF Team

Addiction and
the Family
The story so far...
Laura Nice
Development Officer
The Challenges
What do we want to achieve?
How can we achieve this?
Setting up our organisation
What’s in a name?
Creating an international website
The future
What do we want to achieve?
Our Aims:
& the Family
Influence policy
Raise awareness of
FMs & FM models
Strategic Vision
- Conduct FM centered
- Provide information on
Addiction & FM centered
- Influence Policy
- Promote evidencebased practice
- Raise awareness of FM &
FM models
AFIN becomes an established
worldwide membership organisation,
working towards its aims
HUB MODEL in place: ADF UK at the
centre, whilst developing AFIN
Develop relationships with key others
in the field in a small number of
Develop satellite groups across the
Develop a worldwide network who will
communicate regularly
Profile of the FAMILY MEMBERS raised
5 Step philosophy remains strong but
methods will change
Phase 3: 10 years
Influencing international
policy & practice
Work towards the
development of an
International alliance to
achieve group aims:
Phase 2: 5 years
Developing international
networks & virtual presence
Phase 1: Now
AFIN has a strong global presence,
making large contribution to the field
Established network, communicating
Hub model no longer used. Clearly
defined hubs/satellite groups in diff
Policy analysis conducted, seeking to
understand the way in which family
members are represented in different
international governmental policies
Progress is made supporting/
contributing to governmental policies
and international organisations (WHO)
Perspective of FMs raised worldwide
Network will regularly exchange
How can we achieve our aims?
• Through which organisation type?
• Research Network – University affiliation
• Business – Limited Company
• Charity – Un/registered, Trust, CIC, Social Enterprise
• International Non-Governmental Organisation
• Other alliance models – e.g. Kettil Bruun Society, PreVail
• Unincorporated Association
• No change
Final Criteria
Clear structure
Manageable time demands
Low set up & running costs
Suitable for an income under £5k
Future Proof
Able to process money, apply for funding
Free from other interests/restrictions
Compatible with our aims
Setting up our Small Charity
The most suitable at present… but lots still to discuss:
– Constitution
– Charitable purposes
– Trustees
– Membership?
– Future funding?
What’s in a name?
What do we
want to convey?
Can we use the
word ‘Addiction’?
Future proof? (e.g.
other addictions,
other charities)
Will international
members find us?
Welcome to AFIN!
Key words: Family + Addiction + International =
Addiction and the Family
International Network
Future Challenges
• Creating a network that people actually use:
“Once our network and relationships were established,
people spoke with each other separately… and then
there was no longer a need for the network!”.
Dr Berny Sèbe
Postcolonial Birmingham Research Network
Future Challenges
• Creating an international community with a virtual hub i.e.
our website!
How to make it easy to use
Ways to communicate online
Documents online - permissions
Membership area
Family Members area in the future
Website goes live:
September 2013!
Working in different ways
“Relying on a large group of people based in different countries, without
offering them the incentive of pay can be challenging!”
Useful to have a policy from the start “not to overwhelm people” with
“In terms of getting things done, there really is no substitute to getting a group
of smart people together in a room, who are passionate about their subject
and letting them go for it!”
Nadine Wathern
Preventing Violence Across the Lifespan Research Network (PreVAiL)
Find out more or join AFIN!
Laura Nice
AFIN Development Officer
Email: [email protected]
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