Hamdiyah al-jaff English

International Conference & Exhibition
on Banking and Financial Services in Iraq
London UK 18 - 19 Sep 2012
The Importance of The Trade Bank
of Iraq ( TBI ) in the new Iraq
Chairman of the Board , President and Chief Executive Officer of
the Trade Bank of Iraq ( TBI )
Mrs. Hamdiya Mahmoud AL-Jaf
Chairman of the Board , President and Chief Executive Officer of
the Trade Bank of Iraq TBI
Mrs. Hamdiya Mahmoud AL-Jaf
Mrs. Al - Jaff has been Chairman of the Board , President and Chief Executive Officer of
the Trade Bank of Iraq since June 2011. Mrs. Al - Jaff has more than 25 years of experience
in banking and management with extensive experience in Iraq and the Middle East Region ,
She began her career in 1982 with Rafidain Bank , Baghdad ; Republic of Iraq .
 Her outstanding performance in various capacities within the different departments of
Rafidain Bank was rewarded with her overseas postings . From 2004 and 2008 , she was
assigned greater responsibilities as Manager of Rafidain Bank in Lebanon and Egypt .
 In 2009 Mrs. Al - Jaff was appointed as an Advisor for the Rafidain Bank.
In her role as an advisor she enabled the bank to move in a new direction with introduction
of international banking services and products .
 She also contributed significantly to the growth and development of the banking sector of
Iraq. She has double degree in Accounting and Political Science from the University of
and University of Mosoul. Also, she has a Higher Diploma Degree in Political
Science from The Institute for Research and Arabic Studies under the umbrella of Arab League.
‫بسم هللا الرحمن الرحيم‬
Excellencies , Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen .
AL Salam Alikoom :
Dear listeners I am pleased and honored to stand before you Kaaracah represent my
country, which has its roots civilization over thousands of years, where the the land of Iraq
first civilizations represented by Sumerian civilization and Babylonian by more than six
thousand years , has initiated the first civil laws governing all aspects of social life and
financial .
The banking system in Iraq consists of two fold :
 State-owned banks and that of the most prominent of the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed
Bank, who were subjected to embargo restrictions as a result of the wrong policy of the
former regime .
 Private banks, which number more than thirty banks and these banks work well but not
at the required level at the current stage .
 The Trade Bank of Iraq TBI was established after the oil for food program , and in
November 2003 the decision of the authority of the damage CPA ( Coalition Provincial
This decision was very correct .
Able TBI Iraq's financial restructuring locally and internationally and managed by
different kinds of banking operations , and seamlessly despite the difficulties that
surrounded him at the beginning of its establishment .
TBI began his work when it was founded with a capital of one hundred million U.S.
dollars , the bank has been able raise capital from profits accumulated to nearly billion U.S.
dollars , as the bank was able to achieve consecutive annual profits and give me upward
until it reached those profits more than four hundred million dollars in 2011 .
TBI is the most successful banking institution in Iraq after 2003 , and has won the award
for Best Bank for International Trade in the years 2007 , 2008 , 2009 and also in 2011 by
magazine rating
Trade and Forfeiting Review Magazine .
Of the total thousand international bank received TBI on the classification bears the
number 386 by the magazine The Banker Magazine
This shows the important role played by the TBI locally and internationally .
TBI has 15 branches inside Iraq , and we are working to establish branches outside Iraq .
Bank has a very wide network of correspondents in more than 65 countries and the bank
seeks to increase it .
That one of the most prominent various activities TBI :
* Continued cooperation with government and private banks .
* Participating in local and international conferences and support .
* Preparation courses for the development of local cadres private banking develop local
skills .
Support teams and sports clubs .*
* Reward outstanding students in schools and universities and appointed by the bank as
Daúmyin employees .
* The bank also uses the latest technologies in the world of finance .
To our bank has an important role in supporting the process of economic and social
development and continuing to cooperate with local and international banks , where Iraq is
a market open to all investors and there is easy to deal with investors in general and enjoys
the support of the state .
Expected to increase activity work of TBI in the next five years as a result of entering many
international oil companies and do a lot of oil projects , including the establishment of
Basra Gas Company , which will have the size of traded financial approximately seven
billion U.S. dollars and have created staff appropriate to do so .
And away from the oil sector the Bank has the intention to support and fund other projects
, including urban and residential residential as Basmaya project , the largest residential
project in Iraq since we started funding at least 30% of the value of the Basmaya project .
As for the private sector , the TBI will be funded :
* Cement Plant Project Najaf in the province of Najaf .
* Mall Baghdad project which is one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in
Iraq .
There are other projects under study will TBI in funding and supporting the most
important :
* Asphalt production project near the Baji refinery in Salah al Din province .
* Improvement Project of naphtha in the provinces of Kirkuk and Diwaniyah .
In the field of banking operations, the number of credits issued by the TBI since it was set
up to 31/08/2012
10,660 * in the public sector
* in the private sector 1009
Where Mbalghma were more than fifty million dollar .
As for bank transfers :
* Issued were numbered 34.936 and amount of about nine and forty million U.S. dollars .
* Received from them was numbered 19.557 and estimated at about five million U.S.
dollars .
The terms of the guarantees have numbered up to 31/8/2012 is 33.739 in both the private
and public
sectors and approximately $ seven million U.S. dollars .
I thank you for listening, I wish success to the
conference and wishes for all success .
Chairman of the Board , President and Chief
Executive Officer of the Trade Bank of Iraq TBI
Mrs. Hamdiya Mahmoud AL-Jaf

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