TITLE SCREEN - Indian School Al Ghubra

A short video that illustrates
the achievements of
Indian School Al Ghubra
in the last 25 years.
Students from classes
8 to 12 are eligible to
Rules and Guidelines
Each entry must focus on
achievements and
development of
Indian School Al Ghubra
for the last 25 years.
All entries must be in a
Digital Video format.
The length of the video
should not exceed
2 minutes(120 seconds),
including the 10 seconds title
includes the following
Lead Producer’s name
Project members
Title of video
Total running time
Each video must have
one Lead Producer. While not
more than 3 students per team.
It must be submitted under Lead
Producer’s name.
No copyrighted materials
(music, images, etc.) may be
used for this contest unless you
own the copyright or have a
license to use the material for
this contest.
Written permission must be
obtained and provided upon
request for all copyrighted
No professional assistance is
allowed. Adults may assist with
production but are limited to
verbal guidance only.
Content must comply with all
local and national laws of the
country of origin and the
Sultanate of Oman.
Content must not
• Promote illegal behaviour
• Violate rights established by law or
• Invade the privacy of any person
• Be otherwise inappropriate as
determined by PROMO organizers
in its sole and conclusive
• The judges’ decision is final.
• Entries will be judged by content
and videography
• Decisions will be made based on the
ISG School Promo Judging Rubric.
Students should keep at least one copy
of their video. The school is not
responsible for any films that are lost,
damaged, or that do not upload
The School maintains the right to
reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform,
display, or exhibit the project for
advertising, publicity, and promotional
purposes on their website, at
conferences, or at any other venues.
Entrants agree to be bound by the
official contest rules and decisions of
the judges.
Trophies will be
awarded to …
The Best
The Best
The First and
Runner Up
The Second
Winners will be awarded on the
25th Founder’s Day.
Interested students should submit their
participation form
on or before 26th October 2014.
Last date to submit the PROMO is
10th January 2015.
Forms can be handed over to Mrs Shubha Jose
Mrs Ashwini Matange

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