Overview Master OML

Master of Science in
Operations Management &
Prof. Geert-Jan van Houtum
Program Director OML (interim),
Director of the Graduate Program IE
Who are expected today
• Degree students OML
• So, the following students are not addressed now:
• Exchange students
• Premaster students who have not yet been admitted to
take graduate courses
• Students that have not completed their Bachelor
program as they cannot be admitted to graduate
/School of Industrial Engineering
Credit system
European Credit Transfer System
Based on student estimated workload
1 ects = 28 hrs of workload
Graduate courses: 5 ects (all full semester courses)
• Exception: language and communication courses
• Deficiency courses: 5 ects (but half semester course)
• 30 ects in one semester
• Typically 6 courses per semester
/School of Industrial Engineering
Academic Calendar
2 semesters
2 quarters per semester
8 weeks of classes per quarter
2 weeks exams per quarter
Make-up exams in August
/School of Industrial Engineering
• Course registration is not required
• Except for language classes
• Except if teacher indicated this for team formation
• However, course registration is strongly recommended
via OASE
• Exam registration is required
• Taking exam without being registered: exam will not be
• Withdraw exam registration if you decide not to take the
exam (otherwise a no-show will appear on your grade
• Except if there is no written exam
/School of Industrial Engineering
OASE: Adding and dropping courses
• Always add the course to your OASE course list
• Deregister from the course if you decide to drop the
course (as a courtesy to the professor and your
fellow students)
• If a course contains team work, make a commitment
to your team mates for the entire semester or drop
the course in the first week
• In principle, do not match up with exchange students
during your team work
/School of Industrial Engineering
Pilot with new Learning Management
System: CANVAS
• 1CM65
• 1CM05
• 1BM05
• Initial registration via OASE, manual transfer to
• ieis.instructure.com
/School of Industrial Engineering
OML: many different research interests
by mentors
Incentives and motivation
Impact of stress and well-being on performance
business process modeling
ICT architectures
software engineering
production planning
inventory control & supply chain planning
Operational finance
Quality and reliability engineering
/School of Industrial Engineering
Program Composition
Core courses (compulsory): 30 ects
Restricted Electives: maximum 30 ects
Free Electives: minimum 20 ects
Master Thesis:
• Preparation: 10 ects
• Thesis work itself: 30 ects
/School of Industrial Engineering
Program structure
Thesis Preparation
International Term*
Semester 2
/School of Industrial Engineering
Core courses
1JM11 - Performance Enhancement (Fall)
1CM22 – Integrated Financial & Operations Management (Spring)
0LM05 – Philosophy of Management Science (Fall)
1ZM31 – Multivariate statistics (Spring)
One out of two:
• 1BM05 - Business Process Management (Fall)
• 1BM41 – Business Information System Architectures (Spring)
• One out of two:
• 1CM10 – Modeling & Analysis of Manufacturing Systems (Fall)
• 1CM25 – Supply Chain Operations Planning (Spring)
/School of Industrial Engineering
• Restricted electives
• max. 30 ects to be approved by mentor
• Free electives
• Any graduate course at TU/e
• Any graduate course at another Dutch university (for EU
students only and subject to admission)
• Except where indicated or if there is a clear overlap with
an IE undergraduate course or a graduate course already
• At least 10 credits in C category (business / social sciences)
/School of Industrial Engineering
Mentor system
• Select mentor at the end of your first semester
• When you study according to the planned speed
• One semester later if you will need 2.5 years for the
whole program, and so on
• Role of mentor:
assistance with composition of study program
approval of restricted electives
advise on study, incl international semester
assistance with selection and preparation of thesis topic
and thesis proposal (and company if needed)
• supervision of thesis project
• The thesis topic has to match with research interests of
the mentor
/School of Industrial Engineering
Mentor matching procedure
• You should register for the mentor matching procedure in the
semester you want to take part via OASE, course code 1MC00
• Course 1MC00 will be opened for registration on 1 March (or closely after
that date). Registration will be closed one month later
• There will be information sessions of the various research areas (to be
announced). Look already at mentor p
• Mentor interviews 3 subsequent weeks
• Mentor/student decisions and submission of forms: next 4 weeks
• In case of a match, the student fills in the mentor selection form and hands it
in at the education administration office to definitely formalize the mentor
• Subsequently, students that have not yet found a mentor, can continue
to approach those mentors with leftover capacity
• Students that have not found a mentor by the end of the semester, will
be allocated a mentor
/School of Industrial Engineering
Information on mentors
For list of mentors, see
For research interests, see
• Mentor pages at the above site
• Personal web pages: http://www.tue.nl/universiteit/faculteiten/faculteitie-is/de-faculteit/medewerkers/
For completed master theses topics, see link on:
/School of Industrial Engineering
Options within the program
• Double diploma (INPG – France and KAIST- Korea)
• for students with undergraduate diploma at TU/e – IE
• Apply at admission board before end of your first semester
• Semester abroad
• for students without any TU/e administered scholarship and a
standard program (no deficiencies)
• Healthcare track
• Honors Track in Research (PhD degree)
• Honors Track in Design (PDEng degree)
/School of Industrial Engineering
What is an honours track?
• A number of special courses,
• with a total load of 20 ECTS (as extra ECTS),
• offered to a selection of master students,
• to test and develop capabilities for
• Design: PDEng Logistics Management Systems (LMS),
• Research: PhD.
PDEng and PhD programs
SAI PDEng Logistics
Management Systems
BETA PhD Operations
Management & Logistics
• 24 months program
• With honors track completed:
18 months as trainee
• Aimed at designing complex
logistics systems and
preparing them for full
• Skills: system development,
design, consultancy,
presentations, organizational
• 48 months program
• With honors track completed:
36-42 months as research
assistant (promovendus)
• Aimed at conducting academic
research to become an
independent researcher
eligible for a university career
• Skills: methodologies, writing,
research questions
development, creating
academic impact
Honors track in Design (HiD)
Offered by the following HiD mentors for OML
• Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Fransoo
• Prof. Dr. Ir. Paul Grefen
• Prof. Dr. Ir. Geert-Jan van Houtum
• Prof. Dr. Ton de Kok
• Prof. Dr. Tom van Woensel
(other professors may be added if desired)
Honors track in Design (HiD)
• A 20 ECTS choise from LMS core courses:
- Design of Advanced Planning Processes
- Simulation for Design
- Programming for Design
- Software Development for Design
- Management of Organizational Change and
- Project Management in Innovation Processes
- Design Assignment in Designated Areas,
In addition, one can do 10 ECTS as elective.
Honors track in Design (HiD)
Design Assignments involve:
- Assessing the value of knowledge from master
courses for solving company problems,
- Company visits,
- Company presentations.
Grading based on:
- value for company,
- innovativeness of solutions.
Honors Track in Design (HiD):
• Development of extra design skills
• Ideal preparation for continuation in the LMS program
after completion of the master program
• Priority for positions within the LMS program of Industrial
Engineering (but, we give no guarantee)
• LMS program can be done within 14-16 instead of 20
Honors Track in Design (HiD)
• If completed successfully, access to the LMS
• On a contract to prepare for and execute a design
project for a specific company,
• Supervised by design mentor.
Further information: Prof. Will Bertrand (director LMS)
For applications: Contact Prof. Bertrand (or one of the
HiD mentors)
Criteria for selection: Among top 15% of all students +
design attitude
Honors track in Research (HiR)
Offered by the following HiR mentors:
• In principle all qualified mentors within OML
• It is advised to have a full professor involved (as
mentor or second supervisor)
Honors track in Research (HiR)
• Consists of:
• Two mini-research projects to discover two different research
fields, in 1st year (5 ects per project)
• PhD courses, in 2nd year (10 ects)
• Master thesis project:
• Topic and supervisor chosen at the end of 1st year
• Is preceded by the writing of a PhD research proposal (instead of
literature study and formulation thesis assignment)
• Proposal can be used to compete for grants (at e.g. NWO)
• Master thesis is on first part of the PhD research proposal
• Additional PhD courses can be followed in 2nd year of
master, as part of the electives
Honors track in Research (HiR):
• Development of extra research skills
• Ideal preparation for continuation as PhD student after
completion of the master program
• Priority for positions within the PhD program of Industrial
Engineering (but, we give no guarantee)
• PhD program can be done in 3-3.5 instead of 4 years
• Equivalent to research (Mphil) masters, as seen at
Tilburg University and Erasmus University
More information
• Schedules, exams: http://oase.tue.nl
• Course related: http://oase.tue.nl or http://ieis.instructure.com
• Use subscription options for oase news!
• Department and program related information : http://education.ieis.tue.nl
• Join our Facebook group: Operations Management & Logistics TU/e: program
news, jobs, traineeships, etc.
• Study advisor: Mrs Anja Kirkels: [email protected]
• Contact her for any questions about study planning, study-related or personal
issues that may affect your success in the program
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Join Group: Operations Management &
Logistics TU/e
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• Forms
• News and updates
• It is your
responsibility to be
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