Adult programming on a limited budget

Adult Programming on a Limited Budget
Molly Keating
Adult Programming Coordinator
Hiawatha Public Library
About Me
Have worked in three different public libraries
over the course of 12 years.
 Have been with the Hiawatha Public Library for 6
 I am the Adult Programming Coordinator for our
library. In addition to that role, I also maintain the
CD and DVD collections for our library.
 Carry a Level IV State Certification with the State
Library of Iowa and have completed the Iowa
Library Association’s Leadership Institute.
 Known as the “resident whiner,” I generally have
an inclination towards misbehaving and being
sassy. 
About My Library
We are located in Hiawatha,
IA, a small city located within
the Cedar Rapids metro area.
Because of our close
proximity to Cedar Rapids
and Marion, the Metro
Library Consortium was
formed in 1999 to provide
library services to the metro
Some Statistics…
In fiscal year 2006-2007 we circulated
189,009 items. In fiscal year 2011-2012 we
circulated 311,125 items.
 In library speak, we have 7.2 full time staff. In
layman’s terms, we have 7 full time staff, 2-30
hour staff, and 3 pages who each work 10
hours a week.
 In fiscal year 2006-2007 we had 281 adults
attend programs. In fiscal year 2011-2012 we
had 1,509 adults attend 126 programs.
Our Staff!
Cedar Rapids Public Library &
Marion Public Library
Hiawatha Public Library
Annual operating budget of
Cedar Rapids Public
Library’s annual operating
budget $4.2 million
 Marion Public Library’s
annual operating budget
$1.4 million
Budget Comparisons
I have a dream…
You had one million dollars to spend on programming?
The lesson learned?
Just because you’re small, there’s no
harm in dreaming big!
Your programming can be as big
and wonderful as you want to
make it.
Research and
Statistics about
Adult Programming
otherwise known as “on a more serious note”
Research indicates…
Research done in the United Kingdom on
libraries indicated: “The opportunities offered by
libraries, in addition to providing access to books and
other recreational materials such as videos, further
enhance people's leisure time by giving them the
chance to socialize and by providing access to
activities many others in society take for granted
because they can afford them.”
 Research from Minnesota suggests: “This includes
the phenomenon known as the "living room"
experience, meeting and conference rooms available,
all-inclusive, safe and friendly environment, and a
unique forum for social networking, book clubs and
reading groups.”
Iowa Statistics
In fiscal year 2011, Iowa public libraries educated
and entertained 1,465,349 attendees with 67,215
programs. If the attendees paid a commercial fee
of $4 per person, they would have paid nearly $6
196,402 adults attended programming at their
public libraries in the state of Iowa during fiscal
year 2011.
In fiscal year 2011, Hiawatha Public Library had
704 adults attend programs, average number of
adults attending programs in libraries our size
was 669.
North Carolina Statistics
In fiscal year 2010-2011 North Carolina
public libraries hosted 22,244 adult
 374,208 adults attended programs in their
public libraries during fiscal year 20102011.
 P.S. Happy 200th Birthday State Library of
North Carolina! 
Programming Ideas
…otherwise known as the “light bulb” moments.
Considerations when planning…
What are your community’s needs and
What is your audience?
Timing is everything!
What are you willing to spend?
Watch out for conflicts with other
How far in advance?
Tools of the trade
Rolodex or business card holder
 Microsoft Publisher or Broderbund’s Print
Shop software
 A really good color printer
 Disposable plates, silverware, napkins and
 Serving ware
 Thank you cards
 Notepads and post-it notes
6 Types of Programming
 Musical
 Foodie
 Fun
 Civic
 Crafty
You mean we read at a library?!
Book discussions
Book Clubs
Author visits
Writing workshops
World Book Night
National library events
If the music moves you…
Local bands
School bands
Professional musicians
History of music
CD preview party
CD exchange
Everything is better with food!
Recipe Swaps
Local Chef or Experienced Cook
Edible Book Contest
Cake decorating class
Local Farmers Exhibition
Coupon Clipping/Saving Money on Groceries
Coffee Tasting
We aren’t always so serious…
Paranormal programs
Going “green”
Master Gardeners
Scrabble Club
Chess Club
Play preview
Collaborative programming
We need to give back…
Resume writing workshop
Job search workshop
Animal shelter awareness
Computer classes
Goal setting
Blood drives
Food drives
Craft time ain’t just for the kiddos!
Altered books
Still need more ideas?
Beg, borrow or steal!
Ask your patrons!
Think current, think relevant.
Books about programming
Programming Librarian website
Steal from other libraries! 
New York Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library
Hennepin County Library System
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
…otherwise known as “show me the money.”
Outside Funding Sources
Local banks and community credit unions
 Local businesses
 Church groups
 School groups
 Civic organizations
 Humanities organizations
 Grants
Other tips for funding…
Know your approach (letter, phone, etc.)
Know your stats, connections, and
information about your library
 Stress what you can do to benefit their
organization (free publicity, future
partnerships, etc.)
 Always play the library card
 Don’t be afraid to bargain
 Always, always, ALWAYS send a handwritten
thank you note for any financial donation
you receive
…otherwise known “shout, shout get it all out.”
ad·ver·tis·ing [ad-ver-tahy-zing] noun
◦ the act or practice of calling public attention
to one's product, service, need, etc., especially
by paid announcements in newspapers and
magazines, over radio or television, on
billboards, etc.: to get more customers by
◦ paid announcements; advertisements.
◦ the profession of planning, designing, and
writing advertisements.
Getting the word out…
In-house advertising
Postings in bathroom stalls or mirrors
Electronic advertising (TV screens, digital
picture frames, etc.)
◦ Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.)
Getting the word out…part deux
Out-of-house advertising
Local newspaper
Television and radio stations
Water bills
Pop-ups at restaurant tables
Community boards
Local businesses
Community websites
Game Day
…otherwise known as
“hope for the best, prepare for the worst”
There once was a program…
In the moment…
Make sure to introduce yourself to your
 Always do an introduction for your
 Use your time with people to remind
them of the other programs you have
coming up
 Ask for feedback from your audience
 Above all, keep calm and carry on
…otherwise known as
“it’s okay to come out, we’re almost done”
Things to remember…
Keep in mind considerations when
planning programming(timing, etc.)
 Find your niche in programs
 Know your numbers, stats, and
 ALWAYS thank your sponsors and
 Think outside the box
 Everything is better with chocolate 
My contact information:
◦ Address: 150 W Willman St
Hiawatha, IA 52233
◦ Email: [email protected]
◦ Phone: (319) 393-1414

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