Questions Employers are Asking

Using ACA Tools
ACA Dashboard
ACA 2014
• Muddled Maze
• Confusion
Questions Employers are Asking:
• What is a “Full-Time Equivalent” employee?
• How do you define Full-Time employee?
• What is “affordable, minimum value” coverage?
• Who is included in offering “dependents” coverage?
• What is a “controlled group”, and does it effect me?
• How and when is a tax triggered for me?
Benefits Professionals - Mapping
• Road to Success
• Three Key Steps
• Starts Today
Impact Analysis & Scenario Modeling
 Applicable Large Employer Status
 Review Scenarios and Model
 Affordability
 Potential Liabilities
 Outline Key Decision Points
Decision Making & Documentation
 Make Decisions
 Less than 25 FTEs, 25 to 50 FTEs and
50 Plus
 Coverage
 Measurement, Administrative &
Stability Periods
 Formal Plan Document
 No Documentation No Plan
ACA Decision Support Tool
Plan Implementation & Monitoring
 Demonstrate Compliance
 Measurement, Administrative and
Stability Periods
 Ongoing Salary, Ongoing Hourly, New
Variable Hour
 Monitoring, Tracking with monthly
reporting to prepare for Annual IRS
reporting and audits
ACA Dashboard
Tracking and
Monitoring in
• Employer Solution
– Employer Sets up and Manages in House
– Single Employer and Multi-Employer
• Enterprise Solution
– Professionals Manage for Companies
– From Set up to Ongoing Reporting
• ACA Decision Support Tool
– NAHU website
– Member Benefits
– Annual Licensure
• ACA Dashboard
– Member Benefits
– Employer Solution – based upon size and number of
– Enterprise Solution – based upon the number of
Companies and Company size for set up
– Benefits Professional – opportunity for commission on
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