Wait List and Permission List Overview

Wait List
Permission List
Wait List Overview
 Keeps a running list of students who want to
enroll in a full class.
 Automatically attempts to enroll students in
request order as space becomes available,
on a first-on first-off basis.
 No direct faculty effort is required.
Permission List Overview
 Used for “instructor consent” courses,
where faculty need to selectively choose
who is allowed to enroll.
 Allows students to leave requests to enroll,
which you can grant or deny through Faculty
Self Service.
 Similar to old ISIS process.
The Wait List
 Wait lists are established when your class is
initially scheduled.
 If a wait list capacity is set (9999 is the default
size), when the class fills students will be able
to get on the wait list.
 If the class is scheduled with no wait list
capacity, when the class fills students are
closed out.
The Wait List
This class has
an available
wait list (though
no one is on it
The Wait List
The class search shows how many students are on the wait
list, or if there is no wait list.
The Wait List
 Students cannot get on the wait list if they do
not meet the requisites for your class.
 Since students are released to enrollment in
priority order (fourth-year first, then thirdyear, etc.), upper-class students have the
earliest opportunity to get on the list.
The Wait List
You can see
who is on the
wait list for
your class,
and their
position, by
viewing the
class roster in
self service
and selecting
the status of
The Wait List
Enrollment Order
 When a spot opens up, the system will
attempt to enroll the first person on the list.
 If the transaction will cause a time or creditlimit conflict for the student, however, the
system will attempt to enroll the next person
on the list.
The Wait List
Enrollment Order
 When students add to a wait list, they have
the ability to identify a “drop if enroll” current
course to be swapped if the wait list request is
successful, and to edit that as needed.
 If you see students are being bypassed by the
wait list process, it is usually because they
need to identify (or change) a “drop if enroll”
class to prevent the conflict.
The Wait List
Multi-Component Classes
 For multi-component classes—such as a
lecture with a dependent discussion or lab—a
spot must open up in both components for
the student to be enrolled.
 Thus, the first student on the lecture wait list
may be bypassed if he/she has selected a
discussion/lab that is not yet available.
 Wait list position for the discussion/lab is
more important than position for the lecture.
The Wait List
Ad Hoc Permissions
 If you grant an ad hoc permission for a wait
listed class, you’re allowing that student to
bypass the list, even if the class is full.
 If you grant an ad hoc permission to someone
already on the wait list, the student has to
delete their wait list request before
attempting to enroll with the permission
 Note that students see their position on the
wait list, so they can see that they’ve been
The Permission List
Permission List
is invoked for
classes. This is
when your class
is scheduled.
Students leave
explaining why
they want to
The Permission List
In the Faculty Center, the permission icon appears when you
have pending permission requests awaiting your decision.
You will need to check periodically for new requests.
The Permission List
 You can view pending permissions in your
Faculty Center, and choose which ones to
grant or deny.
 Students receive an automatic email informing
them of your decision.
 A granted permission overrides all requisites
and the class capacity. (It does not override
the student’s holds or maximum credit limits.)
The Permission List
 The system automatically generates an
expiration date for the permission.
 Permissions granted prior to the start of the
semester are valid for two weeks, no later than
the first day of the semester.
 Permissions granted after the start of the
semester are valid through the following day.
 If the student fails to enroll before the
expiration date of the permission, he/she has
to make a new permission request.
For additional guides and screen shots on Wait List and Permission List,
and other SIS functionality, click on the SIS HELP, TIPS, TUTORIALS link on
the SIS portal at www.virginia.edu/sis.

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