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What You Need to Know
• What is Mobile Technology?
• Why is Mobile Technology Important?
• The Young Invincibles Health Care Finder
Mobile App
• Next Steps for the Mobile App
What is Mobile Technology?
• Mobile Technology
describes cellular
technologies, including:
▫ Text Messaging
Social Media
▫ Mobile Websites
▫ Mobile Applications
• Mobile Technology is
Financial &
easy to use and access to
the Internet is always at
one’s fingertips
▫ All the information is in
one place
E-mail & Internet
Why is Mobile Technology Important?
There are 101.3 million smartphone users in the United States
• 31% of smartphone users use
their phone as their primary
source of Internet
▫ 80% of these smartphone
users are young adults (1829)
 64% of these are African
 60% of these are Latinos
• 52% of smartphone users utilize
their phones to find health
▫ Of these, the following groups
are more likely to access health
information from their
 Latinos and African Americans
 Users between 18-49 years
 Users who hold a college
Mobile Technology for Health
• Mobile Technology can be used for
outreach and education
• Examples:
▫ Text4Baby
 Text message service - Information
on pregnancy and childcare
 Over 500,000 have used the service
since it launched
▫ Get Yourself Tested
 Campaign targeting teenagers and
young adults, encouraging them to
get tested for sexually transmitted
diseases and infections
 In participating small clinics, STD
testing increased by 71 percent from
2008 to 2010
There’s an app for that:
Health Care Finder
• Young Invincibles has
developed a free health care
education mobile app, “Health
Care Finder” to easily
disseminate health
information to young adults.
• Currently have 4 versions:
Los Angeles
DC Metro Area
Find A Doctor
• Find doctors and Community
Health Centers in your area
▫ Search by location with GPS
or zip code
▫ Search by name or category
• Shows user ratings of doctors
in the area
▫ The app is integrated with
Yelp, which allows users to
view ratings from others in
the area
Healthcare FAQ
• Information on some of the most
frequently asked questions:
▫ Understanding health insurance
▫ Birth control information
▫ Student health plans
▫ Coverage under your parent’s plan
▫ Insurance for chronic conditions
• Explanation of the New Health Care
▫ Affordable Care Act (ACA)
• Definitions of common health
insurance terms
▫ Co-Pay; Deductible; Premium
How do I find the app???
• For iPhone Users:
Visit the Apple Store
• For Android Users:
Visit the Google Play
Next Steps for Young Invincibles!
Young Invincibles is engaging in efforts to learn how we can improve
the app to provide young adults with the information they need to get
covered. Our goal is to have an app that is created FOR young adults,
BY young adults!
• We are working hard to improve the app by:
▫ Launching a Spanish version
▫ Finding ways to make the app more interactive
▫ Including GPS locators to ACA Navigators
• If you have any suggestions to improve the app, please contact us at:
[email protected]
Keep in Touch
Visit our Healthy Young America Website

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