Review of the Cash Flow Game

Cash Flow
Kenyatta Esters
April Landry
How to Play
 Choose
a rat.
 Choose your cheese.
 Select a banker.
 Blindly pick a profession card.
 Fill out your balance sheet.
 Let the fun begin!
Object of the game
It’s all about getting out of the rat race.
Build your assets so that your passive income is larger
than your liabilities.
Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities– these are the
Invest everything you can, either in real estate or the stock
market (even if you have to borrow from the bank).
Try to stay away from doodads.
Pray for good market cards.
Avoid downsizing.
Don’t have kids– they are a money pit.
I’m out of the rat race…now what?
 Jump
onto the fast track.
 Capture your cheese.
 You win!
Moral of this story
Making money can be fun but frustrating,
especially when you pass up lucrative
 Getting out of the rat race is harder than it
looks…you MUST take chances.
 In the words of Kiyosaki…”Don’t work for your
money; make your money work for you.”
 Avoid playing with highly competitive people who
are sore losers.

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