Seminar Presentation

How To: ACA Work Log
• Graduate Assistantships Policy Alignment
• Fair Labor Standards Act
• Letter of Offer…Your Contract!
• Board of Regents Policies
• Affordable Car Act
Affordable HealthCare Act (ACA)
• Effective Dates
• Initial measurement period May 22, 2014 – May 21, 2015
• Insurance to be effective July 1, 2015 if eligible
• Types of Employees Impacted
• All not currently on benefits
Temporary part-time (Faculty, NFE, and CSA)
Graduate Assistants
Returning employees (i.e. retirees returning to work on a limited basis)
• Excludes Work-study students
• Average in excess of 29 hours per week/130 per month
• FY15 cost of healthcare is $8,622/year/person
• NOTE: If offered coverage & waived, employer premium must be paid
Regental Contracts
• Most contracts are for 49% effort
• ~20 hr / wk
• 100% effort = 40 hr / wk
• SDSU policy requires that student employees are held to
49% effort
• Student needs time to attend class, complete course assignments,
complete thesis/dissertation
• BOR requires regental institutions to document hours to
ensure contracts are honored and ACA compliance.
• GTA hrs are calculated by equation.
• GAA are hourly workers.
• GRA must log hours using BOR Worklog website.
How to determine GRA ‘hours’
• Hours must be submitted by GRA then
approved by your supervisor.
How to determine GRA ‘hours’
• See handout
• Educational hours generally NOT recorded for ACA
• ‘non-compensable’
• Includes self-directed research, which is research by a GRA
undertaken for completion of a degree overseen by chair and/or
• Compensable hours generally are recorded for ACA
• Includes directed-research, which is research undertaken by an
employee which is assigned and controlled by a supervisor.
• Specific tasks which are generally recorded for ACA:
• Menial
• Travel
• Mandatory meetings
ACA Work Log is for GRA Only!
…..not GTAs…
• These hours will not determine pay.
• Must be aligned with payroll dates.
• Contact departmental payroll representative
• Submission of Hours;
• GRA by 5:00 pm on 21st
• Supervisor by 10:00 am on 22nd
• Supervisor is person indicated on PAR
Test site:
• GRA Username: nrogan
• GRA Password: password!?!?
• Supervisor Username: tanitzschke
• Password: password1?1?
• Questions
• Graduate School, Nicole Lounsbery -4181
• HR, Lou Loban or Mary Larson -4128
• Bud & Fin, Annalisa Reed -4489
• K Doerner available to assist department heads with interpretation.

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