Scribing • Your responsibility to scribe at least one

• Your responsibility to scribe at least one
class (5 points of final grade!)
Homework 3
• Deadline extended to first class after
Spring break
• If you write a good original report, then I
will let you make that your longer research
• Demo
Homework 3
• Google's mission is to organize the world's information
and make it universally accessible and useful
• Heterogeneity:
– Data is in many different formats:
– Images (general); Satellite images (overlaid on Maps,
focused domain: Google Earth)
– Video
– Structured (info. about businesses: Google Local) Vs.
Unstructured (Web pages, scanned books) Vs Hybrid
(email, research papers: Google Scholar)
Homework 3
• We saw how Google deals with Textual Web Pages: Text
+ Hyperlink data:
Cleaning, purification, term extraction
Query interface
How to do a search
Ranking algorithms for search results (PageRank)
Performance metrics
False starts made by businesses (search --> portal)
How to make money: advertising
Homework 3
• Write an article about how Google can
extend/modify itself to "manage" other
data/information than textual Web pages
• At least 2500 words
• No upper bound on number of words
• Organization and Flow of ideas matter

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