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FE Exam
Application Procedures
Are you eligible to take the FE on
1. Are you an undergraduate senior?
– Graduate students must sit for the FE in Denver.
Non-student application form and deadlines apply.
2. Have you taken or are you currently enrolled in
Senior Design?
3. Is your graduation date Fall 2015, Spring 2016
or Summer 2016?
If you answer yes to all these questions,
you are eligible.
Two steps to sign up for the FE:
1. State application (DORA)
2. National registration (NCEES)
State Application (DORA)
• DORA is VERY specific when it comes to formatting
• DORA will contact you directly if they need you to revise your application.
• The form can be confusing, so there are instructions for how to fill in each
field, as well as an example of a correctly completed application available
on the COE website at
COE website  Current Students  FE Exam
State Application (DORA)
Print out the instructions and example!
Next, download the PDF application form from DORA’s website:
– Under FORMS, in the middle of the page, click on “EI Student Exam
Application” and download the State of Colorado application
– Save the Word document to your computer and completely fill out the
application; this must be completed electronically, not handwritten
State Application Instructions – Part 1
Format EXACTLY as indicated, including four-digit years, etc.
Enter N/A for the suffix UNLESS you have the same name as
your father or your son (i.e., Harrison Ford, Jr., Steve Jobs IV)
State Application Instructions – Part 2
Start with the first high school you attended and go forward in time, entering every
school you’ve attended (including summer classes, study abroad, transfer credits, etc. –
everything on your unofficial transcript except AP classes). CSU should be the final
school on your list.
If you need additional rows, use the Education History Page 2 document. There is a link
to this fillable PDF at
Format EXACTLY as indicated, including four-digit years, etc. Use “diploma” as degree
for high school. Abbreviate your major, if necessary.
State Application Instructions – Part 3
If you answer YES to any of the screening questions, you MUST attach a letter
of explanation.
See the Screening Questions Tip Sheet for letter guidelines if you answer YES
to any of these questions. There is a link to the tip sheet at
If you would prefer, you may submit your letter in a sealed envelope.
Submitting your State Application
Make sure you double check your state application against the instructions
and example. You are responsible for completing the application correctly.
DORA will notify you directly if there are any issues with your
Print your application and sign it in blue or black ink.
Mail the application, along with a $30 check or money order (payable to
“State of Colorado”, make sure the check has your name on it! No cash
will be accepted) to:
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)
Division of Registrations
Office of Licensing-Division of Professions & Occupations
1560 Broadway, Suite 1560
Denver, CO 80202
National Registration (NCEES)
• Go to the NCEES website at
• Click on the blue text box under Exam Registration labeled
• Follow the instructions for the electronic registration. The exam is offered
in seven disciplines: Chemical, Civil, Electrical & Computer,
Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines. Select the
discipline you prefer.
• If you have trouble with the website accepting your payment, contact
NCEES immediately.
National Registration (NCEES) –
Special Accommodations
• As a part of the registration process, you will have the opportunity to
request ADA exam accommodations. Select ADA from the drop-down
list. You will be prompted to provide additional information.
• While there isn’t a stated deadline for computer-based exams,
examinees taking CBT exams should account for up to an additional
30-day processing time when planning to take the exam. Examinees
will not be authorized to schedule an appointment for testing until this
process has been completed.
FE Review Sessions:
• Engineering College Council coordinates FE
Review Sessions and sales of review manuals.
• Information is available online at
COE website  Current Students  FE Exam
Contact the COE Academic and Student Affairs
(970) 491-6220
Room 102, Scott Bioengineering Building

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