Gifted FAQ presentation

Gifted FAQ
Q - Will students be prepared for the “real world” in classes with like-minded people?
Position statement by the National Association for Gifted Children
- NAGC wishes to reaffirm the importance of grouping for instruction of gifted
students. Grouping allows for more appropriate, rapid, and advanced
instruction, which matches the rapidly developing skills and capabilities of
gifted students.
Gifted students are a very diverse group from their ethnicity to their personalities
and work habits.
Focus on 21st century skills will also allow them to be able to work with anyone no
matter if they are like-minded or not
Q - Does compacting/accelerating the curriculum cause gaps in learning?
Teachers follow a carefully planned out pacing guide that prevents any
Rather than skipping any skills, students are just allowed to move at a
quicker pace that their ability allows them to which enables them to cover
more material in a school year
Instead of having to do a lesson for a week in order to master it, gifted
students might be able to master it in only a couple of days. If not more
time is spent on it until they do master it
Q - Where are students going after Gateway?
North vs. Central breakdown
51 6th Graders in the 2014-2015 Gateway
19 would go to Pickerington Central
32 would go to Pickerington North
Students will be together in Algebra and Geometry
Will have the opportunity to be clustered in advanced science
Offer Gifted Language Arts at both Ridgeview and Lakeview
Q - Are teachers teaching to the test?
Teaching to the Standard
Every lesson that is taught is tied to a content standard that students must
Regardless of what the test is (there is no longer PARCC) students will be
prepared because they have mastered the content standard they are
being tested on
Teachers use the pacing guides to help them stay the course and ensure
there are not any gaps in student learning

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