Wilkses pt.1 ch. 24-26

The Wilkses pt.
Abi, Jess, Whitnee,
Sophie, Emma, & Jenah
Chapter 24 Summary (Emma)
❖ The Duke and King set a devious plan to become rich.
❖ To keep there cover a secret they men paint Jim’s face solid blue and held a sign saying
“Sick Arab- but harmless when not out of his head” (Twain 152).
❖ Townspeople are now discovering the death of a local man, Peter Wilks, who had left rest
of his fortune to his two brothers from England.
❖ Men then decide to go into town to moan and cry lskdjf;lskdjf lskdjf;lskdjf;lskdjf;lskdjf ls
dressed as the two brothers of the deceased man.
❖ It is so astonishing that Huck is even surprised skdfjs;;skdsfj;ldkj;slkjfsdfskjdf;skdjfkjslskj
by the scam going on between the men.
Chapter 25 Summary (Sophie)
❖ Townspeople gather at Wilks house to see the Duke and king as the “Wilks brothers.”
❖ Read the letter that Wilks wrote before he died, which said that he left his house and
$3000 for each of his nieces and $3000 to his brothers.
❖ When they find the money, the duke and the king count the total and put in $415 of their
own money, but the full $6000 weren’t there.
❖ They bring it up to the front door and present the money to Wilks nieces in front of the
❖ One of Wilks friends, Doctor Robinson, spoke up in front of the town declaring the duke
and king to be frauds.
❖ He tries to tell Mary to have the imposters leave immediately, but instead she gives the
two men their $6000 to prove her trust.
Chapter 26 Summary (Jenah)
❖ Huck and the rest of the crew stay the night at the Wilks house, and they all
spend time with the girls
❖ Huck messes up their story while eating dinner with Joanna and worries that
they will no longer believe them
❖ Joanna begins to notice that his story isn’t matching up, but when she starts to
accuse him of lying, her sisters defend him because they think Joanna is being
❖ Huck feels bad that they stole from such nice girls, so he sets out on an
adventure to steal back from the con men what they have already stolen
❖ On their last night staying at the Wilks house, Huck finds a lot of gold in a
mattress and decides to steal it back and then sneaks out after everyone else is
Study Guide Questions (Jess)
1. What contrast emerges immediately in these chapters?
❖ The contrast from chapter 23 to chapter 24 is from being very intense to a very
calm atmosphere; from ‘;ldkf’s;ldkf’s;dfk’sdl;kf’s;dlfk’as;ldkf’as;dlkf’s;ldkf’a
angery mobs chasing the ‘asl;djf;slkdfj;alskdfj;asldkfj;alskdfjfjfjfjfjfjf
group out of town to a
steady stream as they
take rest from such an
Questions 2 & 3 (Jess)
2. What is Huck’s attitude toward the townspeople who
accept the King and Duke as the Wilks’ relatives?
❖ Huck has a disgusted attitude towards the townspeople, as they all are
blubbering at the King and Duke “grieving” over Peter Wilks. It made him
ashamed of the human race.
3. What does Robinson represent?
❖ Dr. Robinson represents the voice of reason in the town, as he was the only one
to realise that the King and Duke were not the Wilks brothers.
Questions 4 & 5 (Jess)
4. Why do the girls make Huck so ashamed?
❖ Huck feels ashamed because the King, Duke, and himself are going to rob the
Wilks girls of their money and property, and the girls had been kind to him the
whole time they stayed.
5. Why does Huck refuse to expose the frauds at once?
❖ Huck refuses to expose the frauds right away because they will just sneak out of
the town with the gold they have already stolen.
Huck’s Development and Lesson (Abi)
❖ What is the lesson learned?
➢ Huck discovers the racial conceptions he has grown up with to be
inconsistent as he learns more about Jim. As this altered view developes in
his mind, he becomes gravely determined that the human race is hopeless.
❖ How is the lesson learned?
➢ As Jim grows more deep with Huck, the idea that the racial assumptions
are false festers in Huck’s mind. This process is not complete but still
developing. Meanwhile, the horrible tricks the Duke and the Dauphin play
on the Wilkses disgust Huck. He is disappointed the two men could be so
cruel and everyone could be so selfish and neive.
Development and Lesson (cont.)
❖ What is the evidence?
➢ “I do believe he cared just as
much for his people as white
folks does for their’n. It don’t
seem Natural, but I reckon
it’s so” (Twain 155).
❖ What is the evidence?
➢ “Well, if ever I struck anything
like it, I’m a n*****. It was enough
to make a body ashamed of the
human race” (Twain 163).
➢ “When it come to that it worked
the crowd like you never see
anything like it, and everybody
broke down and went to sobbing
right out loud--the poor girls… I
never see anything so disgusting”
Literary Analysis
Huck’s attitude towards the con men can be revealed through his diction(word
choice) in chapters 24, 25, and 26.
rapscallions (Twain 158)
ornery rip (Twain 151)
slouch (Twain 162)
fraud (Twain 163)
beatenest (Twain 163)
uncommon bright (Twain 157)
sickening (Twain 165)
(king) like to hear himself talk (Twain 168)
Literary Analysis (cont.)
Biblical Reference shows culture of the time, as well as Huck’s upbringing
MLA Citation
❖ Twain, Mark. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York:
Random House, 1996. Print.
The End

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