Student Sample 4

How To Get
Nice Tight
By: Shelby Lance , Your
Personal Trainer!
Why you should strengthen
your core muscles!!
 Core
exercises are an important part of a
well-rounded fitness program. Aside from
occasional sit-ups and push-ups, however,
core exercises are often neglected. Still, it
pays to get your core muscles — the
muscles around your trunk and pelvis.
Some Tricks So You Can Burn
Some Of The Fat .
1st:Work out in the morning on an empty stomach.
Your bodies stores of glycogen, glucose and insulin
are lower in the morning allowing you to burn more
2nd:Consider short bursts of high intensity exercise
instead of longer sessions of low intensity. Twenty
seconds of intense exercise followed by twenty
seconds of rest is actually more beneficial and burns
more fat.
3rd:Train the entire body. Instead of training the
upper-body one day and the lower body the next,
consider exercises that engage the whole body. In
doing so your growth hormone levels will spike and
you will burn fat.
Some Pictures Of What You
Can Do!
Leg Lift’s
Weight Lifting,
Some Other Nice Ways To
Increase Your Core Strength!
Incline Crunches
Russian Twist
Floor Cable Crunches
Hanging Leg Raises
Warning And Risk Of Injury!
 If
you are planning to increase your physical
activity or start an exercise program, you start
with a sedentary activity—answering a few short
questions, that is. The PAR-Q (Physical Activity
Readiness Questionnaire) is the gold standard in
fitness safety, used by doctors, trainers and
health clubs the world over. Usually comprised
of 5-7 questions, it can help rule out any
underlying health concerns that could worsen
with exercise. Answer yes or no to the following
That’s All You
Need To Know
To Start A
Great Work
Out !!!

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