Cardiovascular and Immune System Notes

Circulatory System
Function: transports nutrients and wastes
through the body.maintains body
• Blood which contains: red blood cells, white
blood cells, platelets and plasma.
Blood vessels
• Veins - Returns blood to the heart
• Arteries - Takes blood to the body.
• Capillaries - Smallest, between arteries &
• Heart, the muscle that pumps the blood
through the vessels.
Human Circulation Key
1. superior vena cava
2. inferior vena cava
3. right atrium
4. tricuspid valve
5. right ventricle
6. semi lunar valve
7. pulmonary artery
8. pulmonary vein
9. left atrium
10. bicuspid valve
11. left ventricle
12. semi lunar valve (aortic)
13. aorta
Valves: Flaps of connective tissue.
Found in the heart and in the veins.
Prevents blood from flowing backwards.
Systemic Circulation: Circulation
through the body.
• Pulmonary Circulation: Circulation
through the lungs.
Structure of the heart and
circulation of the blood.
• Pulmonary Circulation: circulation from the
body to the lungs.
• Right atrium: receives blue blood from body
through the vena cava and sends it through the
tricuspid valve.
• Tricuspid valve: leads to right ventricle.
• Right ventricle: pumps blood through semi lunar
valves into the pulmonary arteries.
• Pulmonary arteries: transports blood to the
lungs to get oxygen.
• Lungs: carbon dioxide leaves blood and oxygen
enters blood through the capillaries and alveoli.
Systemic Circulation: circulation
from the heart to the body.
• Pulmonary veins: returns oxygenated blood to
the heart.
• Left atrium: receives red blood from pulmonary
arteries and sends it through the bicuspid
• Bicuspid valve: leads to left ventricle.
• Left ventricle: pumps blood through semi lunar
valves into the aorta.
• Aorta: largest artery that pumps blood out to
the body's capillaries.
• Capillaries: attached to body parts that
exchange gases and nutrients/wastes with the
Immune System: contains lymph fluid
that travels through vessels and nodes
to filter and remove harmful materials
from your body. Some WBC's are made
in the lymph nodes.

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